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2012 Celebration of good health with Pilates and Yoga in Punta Mita


By now you’ve probably already pondered your New Year’s resolutions for 2012 and most likely fitness and weight loss goals are right at the top of the list. But unfortunately, most of us make resolutions year after year and lack the determination to stick with them. Perhaps the solution is instead of thinking of health and fitness resolutions as something you have to be determined to do because it’s hard, why not make it a year of health and fitness celebrations? After all, a celebration is not only a lot more fun, but it also brings about a sense of gratitude for what we already have, not just dissatisfaction with what we lack.

So, New Years Celebration 2012: sit up straight and once you are sitting perfectly upright, gently roll backwards into a lying position. Envision your spine as a string of those Tahitian pearls we all love so much in Punta Mita as you carefully lower it to the floor. Breathe… welcome to Punta Mita Pilates and Yoga with Melanie Boyer. Certified in both Yoga and Pilates, Melanie’s expertise ranges from extensive studies in California to as far away as India with a focus on therapeutic and classical techniques for both Pilates mat, Pilates reformer and Yoga. She regularly works privately with clients at all levels including low back pain, hip and knee replacements (pre and post op) along with teaching group classes regularly at the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort and the Punta Mita Yoga Club at the Kupuri Residents Beach Club.

Along with the importance of working with a qualified teacher with both certification and experience, Melanie also combines a balance of knowledge, humor, passion, kindness, encouragement, and curiosity creating a symbiotic and continuous learning process between teacher and student. As one of her faithful students stated, “Melanie genuinely cares about her students and respects your needs and abilities never pushing beyond what you limits are all the while coaxing and motivating us to push those limits.”

Melanie is celebrating the New Year and helping us with our own New Year celebrations by offering 10% off on her private Pilates reformer 10 class series for the month of January. For more information on both private and group classes please contact Melanie at 322.150.5388 or via e-mail

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