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An important message from Punta Mita – Earthquake in Mexico.


As we are all aware, Mexico suffered a tragic earthquake this past September 19th, with a number of states affected in the centre of the country. Punta Mita has shared with us important news in this moment of need for many of the affected, Dine, master developer of Punta Mita, in a demonstration of solidarity will donate the amount of Mxp$7,000.000 to the Carlos Slim Foundation which will in turn multiply their donation by 5 and all donations to support the most needy.

Dine and Punta Mita invite you to join in this initiative by voluntarily donating to this Foundation. All funds raised through this initiative will be designated to emergency needs as well as the reconstruction of schools & hospitals.

On another note, in Mexico City our parent company has donated generators & medical supplies to support rescue workers attending those injured or affected by the quake.

It is at times such as this that we unite and demonstrate our solidarity as Mexicans and for all of us that call Mexico home. Together we will move forward. Together we will rise again. Today, tomorrow and always, #FuerzaMéxico.

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Name : Fundación Carlos Slim