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Be aware: Golf Carts are no longer allowed to be driven outside the gates of Punta Mita.


As some of you might already know, during the last couple of weeks, Fiscalía de Nayarit has been conducting regular campaigns to stop the circulation of golf carts on the streets of the Banderas Bay north shore area. While driving a golf cart inside the gates of Punta Mita is totally permissible, please be aware that driving the golf cart outside the gate is no longer a possibility, at risk of the golf cart being confiscated. According to the Fiscalía de Nayarit (Nayarit state traffic department), any vehicle circulating on the streets must carry a license plate in order to be driven.

At the moment, local golf cart rentals are working hard to reach a solution on this matter but in the meantime, please avoid driving your golf cart (own or rented) outside the gates to stay away from any kind of problem.

As soon as we have more information about this topic we will make it available for you to be informed.

In the meantime, a short and pleasant walk to run your errands in town or to have a coffee in the village is not a bad idea.