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Best of luck on your new journey Ceci Paredes!


We know farewells are sad, but we are certain that every change is a new opportunity to get better and grow. Saying goodbye to Ceci after having her as leader of PEACE Punta Mita isn’t easy at all, but she has laid the foundations for the strong and successful organization that PEACE is today.

Ceci took the role of Executive Director on April 01, 2013 of PEACE Punta de Mita A.C., and her presence was critical to the start-up, it was thanks to her leadership and profound effort that the process of winding up the old Peace, and starting up the new PEACE was such a successful achievement.

Her strong leadership abilities were the driving force behind the successful introduction of the new PEACE strategy of improving the lives of the local villagers by investing in the next generation, children & youths, focusing principally on education.

Not only overseeing already implemented programs such as Avanza and Computers, Ceci orchestrated new ones, including Campeones, and most notably the English Program which excels by reaching over 1,200 students in the community to improve invaluable second language skills, whilst creating social change. Four years on, Ceci is now closing this chapter of her life with PEACE to seek new challenges.

With the reorganizing of the PEACE team, Ceci will be passing the torch to new Executive Director, Ali Elías and the team. In addition to this mentoring role, she will also be dedicating herself to some key projects, including an amazing new PEACE Learning Center which will be built on land provided by Dine. We thank Ceci for her determined leadership and profound contribution to start PEACE in difficult times, and to launch it on its path of success.

To wish Ceci farewell, PEACE staff organized a surprise gathering to celebrate her achievements and wish her well on her ventures! Members of the community, including SEPThe St. Regis Punta Mita Resort and Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita staff, along with students and their families, met in the “Casa de la Tercera Edad“  to surprise Ceci. The night was full of great music, traditional dance, and memories, with great food and drink supplied by the hotels and community members.

We wish you nothing but the best Ceci, good luck in your new projects and thank you so much for all your love and devotion for this community.

¡Buena Suerte Ceci!

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Photos courtesy of PEACE Punta de Mita.