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PEACE Punta de Mita celebrated Spring Equinox!


For the ancient Mexican cultures, the Spring Equinox was much more than the beginning of a new season, it was an annual event dedicated to transformation and balance between light and darkness. Despite the existence of many different Mexican indigenous cultures, each with different believes, traditions and customs, they all converged in the celebration of this event, which in some way unifies the Mexican pre-Columbian culture.

PeaceKnowing the importance of this annual and historic event, PEACE Punta de Mita and six schools from Kindergarten to High School from Punta de Mita and Higuera Blanca joined to celebrate the six surviving Mexican Indigenous Cultures. Past Friday, March 21st, each school represented one of these cultures, participating in a parade that routed from the Punta de Mita Sports Center to the Punta de Mita Plaza in Emiliano Zapata village, next to Peace Punta de Mita Community Center.

Once at the plaza, each school showcased the best of each culture, featuring folklore dances and traditional dishes for all the attendees, who got a vivid portrait of each indigenous group.

There was a $2000 pesos prize for the school with the best representation, being the winners the morning students of the Emiliano Zapata´s elementary school “Francisco Javier Mina”. The school is still deciding what to do with the prize, but it might go to repair the school bathrooms or paint the school. But definitely, either of the options will be a good improvement for their environment. Thank you PEACE Punta de Mita for your constant effort looking for projects and activities to improve the quality of life of this community!

PEACE Punta de Mita has shared with us some images of this fun event, enjoy!

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