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Chefs Table Summer Series with Chef Yasuo Asaki


After the great success of the previous Chef Tables, Punta Mita is ready to host the Summer Series with amazing international guest Chefs. From July 5-7, Japanese Chef Yasuo Asaki will delight us with his creations.

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Special Menu

Sashimi of day. Small 3 kind of fishes $280
Sashimi of day. Medium 5 kind of fishes $450
Green salad with seared salmon. $250
Green peas, corn and tomato puree with crab meat. $250
Fried chicken rolled with Nori sea weed and Fried shrimp curry flavor. $250

Main Dish
Grilled beef tenderloin and oyster mushroom. 300g $450
Sliced beef rib eye with vegetables Sukiyaki style. Medium boiled egg. $380
Pan fried Black cod with miso sauce. Sautéed vegetables. 160g $450
Grilled Eel with foie grass and mango. 140g $450

Rice & Noodle
Marinated fresh fish and seafood with wasabi soy sauce on white rice. $280
Sliced beef rib eye and onion with egg on white rice. $250
Ramen noodle soup with sautéed vegetables and sliced beef rib eye. $190

Welcome Cocktail for #PuntaMita Residents

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