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Colors of Mexico! – September Celebrations! 30 favorite things about Mexico


Mexico is color incarnate, bold, cheeky, fun and inspirational with it’s rich palette of vibrant colors found in nature, modern and ancient architecture, contemporary and folk art, design, textiles, clothing and even the local markets.

Mexican culture utilizes color with a boldness that challenges our preconceptions with colors one would never imagine in unexpected places running rampant all enhanced by the brilliance of the sun. This flagrant use of color in Mexico started as a way of letting go of control over your environment, an act of recognizing that existence is, ultimately, out of our hands. The wonderful colors found everywhere in Mexican culture are a natural extension of Mexico’s  attitude of freedom and taking chances.

In Mexico colors have meaning, the Aztecs considered green to be the color of royalty and for the Mayans it was lucky. Red is believed to have the power to protect and white is considered to be magical.

The Mexican flag brings these symbols to life: green represents independence or hope; white purity; and red unity or the blood of the country’s heroes. We take our color seriously here!

During September, will be sharing with you 30 things we love most about Mexico, in honor of this month’s Independence celebrations. Click here to view the complete list.

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