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Evelyne Boren – Private Studio Tours + Lunch!


Renowned artist Evelyne Boren is making available Private Studio Tours, including lunch, at her beautiful ocean front home in Sayulita.

Evelyne Boren’s studio is located in Casa Bougainvillea, Sayulita is where her original watercolors and oils, as well as posters and note cards, are available for purchase. She enjoys worldwide recognition for her impressionistic art interpretations of life, people and scenes of Mexico, the Southwest, and Europe in watercolor and oil paintings.

The private tour is available on Mondays only, through March 18th, at 1:30pm. This is a unique opportunity to spend time with Evelyne and see her latest paintings, then enjoy a light lunch on the terrace overlooking the Pacific.

Much of her Mexico work features daily scenes from life in Punta Mita, Sayulita, and Puerto Vallarta. Evelyne is considered among the finest artists showing in the region, and she also maintains a permanent studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To reserve your place in the Private Studio Mondays, connect with her via email, or tel. 329-291-3095.

Evelyne’s life reads like an adventure story—born in Munich, Germany, she was schooled in Switzerland and England prior to moving to the United States. Before beginning her full-time professional career as an artist, Evelyne had an aquatic career that included underwater stunt doubling in the James Bond films “Thunderball” and “You Only Live Twice”. She was the first woman in the world to swim with a killer whale in the movie “Namu the Killer Whale”, and also appeared frequently in the television series “Sea Hunt”, “Aquanauts” and “Flipper” where she helped train the star dolphin.

We’re happy she turned her attention and passion to art, as her canvases so beautifully capture the magic and light of life here. She has more then 4,000 original paintings in private and corporate collections around the world.

For more about Evelyne and her art, visit her website.