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Explore Punta Mita riding Las Terrazas Bikes!


In different occasions we have written about the fabulous recreational trails available in Punta Mita, ideal for a good exercise session, a relaxing stroll, a walk with the little ones or maybe just a space to enjoy the beautiful settings that Punta Mita offers. Well, Las Terrazas Punta Mita, luxury condominium development located in the heart of this private community came up with a wonderful initiative to provide to their residents and renters a different modality to explore, discover and experience these recreational trails. They have acquired beautiful bikes for adults and kids, making them available for whoever owning or staying at Las Terrazas who want to go for a spin around Punta mita.

These bikes are available outside Las Terrazas Punta Mita HOA Office and can be used everyday, previous request and registration, and that´s it, you´ll be ready to take your Punta Mita tour, go to the Beach Club or discover the local village.

Forget about owning and maintaining you own bike, Las Terrazas HOA believes sharing is the way to go!

Come and explore Punta Mita riding Las Terrazas Bikes!

For more information about Las Terrazas Punta Mita and its bikes, please contact