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Giving back to the community with Dolphin Assisted Therapy!


Punta Mita Adventures and Vallarta Adventures are committed to giving back to the community through active contribution of time and money to important ecological and social programs. They support a variety of causes, all aimed at enriching the lives of those who live in and visit Puerto Vallarta area, while helping to make this a better world for future generations.

One of their most enriching activities is the Dolphin Assisted Therapy, through this program Vallarta Adventures offer personalized therapies to assist children with special needs by providing them with an alternative wellness option of swimming with dolphins.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy programs help participants learn to feel more positively about themselves in an environment that promotes fun, play and learning, providing them with the opportunity to bridge that experience back into their personal lives. The overall experience causes a relative improvement in the child’s awareness, mental state and in the way they relate to the environment around them, which can be noticed session after session.

There are many theories on how this therapy works, swimming with dolphins encourages positive growth or speed up learning processes. A different approach, affirms this therapy changes the brain producing physiological benefits.

Dolphins´ intelligence could provide unique benefits, some people report benefits of emotional release while swimming with dolphins, even breaking down into tears. Also there could be the benefit of dolphin sonar too. And last but not least, some people may have benefit just because this is an extraordinary experience, just swimming with dolphins can be such an incredible experience that it creates a life change.

Punta Mita Adventures and Vallarta Adventures, provide more than 1,000 FREE dolphin therapies every year, in association with local DIF (Integral Family Development) organization.

Truly, a great way to Give Back to the community!

For more information about this program click here.