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Helping hands in the Punta de Mita Mural project!


Over the past week, a colorful mural has come to life in the parking lot that runs adjacent to the main road into Punta de Mita. The project was conceived by local resident and interior designer Katherine Nidermaier, who brought together the community – artists, kids, volunteers and donors — to help beautify our town, while sending a message of creativity and awareness of keeping our streets and beaches free of trash. Here is one volunteer’s story:

By guest contributor, Bianca Conti-Vecchi Governi

I was a collaborator and helper in most of the mural project, and I think it is an awesome idea to beautify the community and send awareness to the people that see it, that we have to save our oceans and not throw trash. The project was about one week long , so it was a long process even months before painting, and I really want to thank everyone that collaborated and helped. Especially the artists that wrote the message down so the people that pass by can see it.

The day the artists came and started painting I was really excited to meet them, and of everything in general about this. Throughout the first day there were many kids participating: people selling food and drinks, parents helping, and people coming by — even if only to admire the hard work — which gave me a huge smile. The  kids were painting, drawing, making masks and helping with the painting of the mural. It was amazing to see them smile and have fun to such a small event with their families.

I really hope this mural not only inspires people to be creative and show their talents, but also to be aware that if we keep trowing our trash in public, we will destroy the home that more than 7 billion people live in. It is horrible and sad to see trash thrown on the streets and in the ocean. The fact that people start to realize this through such a small gesture like this project, is truly amazing.

The more people start to help and think about this, the faster we can  save our home.

I got a chance to talk to two of the artists that did most of the painting, and as I like to say, beautify this area. One of them was a lady by the name of Mara Diaz Digilio.  I have to say that she really inspired me to be myself and be creative more often. The other artist goes by the name of Misael Ivan Lopez. He really did amaze me with his concentration and determination to do this large mural.

To end this off I want to thank Kathy Nidermaier, who organized this project.