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Introducing the Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf Chefs – Part III: Mexican Guest Chefs!


The Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf Classic congregates the best Chefs in a single place — ambassadors from different cultures, cuisines and countries, all of them united in this paradise to celebrate this magnificent culinary event.

This is the third of four articles we will be sharing with you in the upcoming days to introduce you the Chefs and Wine Specialists participating in the Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf 2015. In this edition we will feature the Mexican Guest Chefs visiting from around the country and who will be working in conjunction with our local and international visiting Chefs to create delicious culinary pieces!

17Gerardo Vázquez Lugo

Restaurante Nicos

An architect by profession, Gerardo Vazquez Lugo switched career paths in 1996 to focus on his true passion, traditional Mexican cuisine. Gerardo is the current Chef and Owner of Nicos Restaurant, an endeavor that is 100% family-operated. Likewise Vázquez Lugo is a pioneer of today´s trending foodie movement – Slow Food –an effort to reclaim the origins of Mexican cuisine. One example is his food shop La Nicolasa, which sells an array of products distinctly Mexican in origin.


José Manuel Barros Rodríguez


José Manuel Baños Rodríguez was born at Oaxaca, México. He first started learning about all sorts of flavors and dishes, mainly guided by her grandmother, who inspired him with love and respect for the food. After studying at the Culinary Insitute of Mexico, he continued learning in different restaurants such as “elBulli” de FerránAdrià in Spain, where he acquiredmodernist techniques being certain that Mexico has everything needed to create his a cutting-edge culinary concept breaking paradigms.
With that idea in mind he creates Pitiona, a restaurant with a simple and amusing concept, preserving his deep roots to Oaxacan traditions perfectly blended with modern techniques that are constantly playing with local ingredients.


Mauricio Leal & Josué Jiménez


Chef Josué Jiménez, a graduate from the William Harras School of Food and Beverage Management at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who has collaborated in various renowned restaurants in the United States such as the French Laundry, Bouchon,

and Mon ami Gabi, and who also has further studies in Switzerland.
Chef Mauricio Leal is a graduate of Grégoire Ferrandi École Supérieur de Cuisine Française, one of the leading professional training schools in Paris, France. Leal has previously worked in restaurants such as Café des Artistes and Thierry Blouet Cocina de Autor in Puerto Vallarta, as well as La Closerie de Lillas in Paris, France and the Four Seasons Punta Mita hotel.

111Betty Vázquez González
Restaurante El Delfin

The town of San Blas, México, is the place where Betty, learned about gastronomy at a very young age, guided by her grandmother’s hand. Later, the opportunity to travel to the Old World, drive her to absolutely fall in love with the cuisine of three great countries: France, Spain, and Italy, which had been an inspiration for her, besides of course of the fact that she studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. After returning to San Blas, Chef Betty paid honor to what she has learned and began the pursuit her own culinary vision.
After 33 years of continuous research and curiosity, now her cuisine can be defined as well balanced, always renewing, and ever-changing, with a solid base of blending tastes.
Chef and owner of “El Delfin” in the historic town of San Blas, Nayarit, she is constantly searching for movement and the culinary evolution in the history of Riviera Nayarit, actually being its gastronomic ambassador, travelling to countries such asCanada, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Greece and United Arab Emirates.


Roberto Alcocer


He is one of the young talents in the gourmet scene in Baja California.
Currently Chef and owner of Malva Restaurant in the city of Ensenada, Baja California, he has been dedicated to create a breeding centrefor lambs, goats and poultry, along with a vegetable garden, both key elements to present the most pure cuisine from the region of Baja and being able to use fresh ingredients.
Malva, is proud to present new dishes almost every week, mainly because of the changing weather, the evolution of this vegetable garden and the beautiful ocean. Alcoceractually expands his expertise working not only in the kitchen, but with the numbers, the dining room and having a deep understanding on the evolution of his plants.
His kitchen is dynamic and proactive with strong fundamentals in the traditional and modern cuisines.


Paco Ruano


Obsessed with perfection and a rebel by nature, Chef Ruano is permanently in love with the flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine. After studying in Guadalajara México, he continued his path in Puerto Vallarta, guided by the recognized Chef Thierry Blouet owner of Café des Artistes. After a year of traveling the Caribbean and Alaska as a cook of a cruise ship, he built up discipline at its best. Later, he continued learning at the prestigious school of Luis Irizar in Spain, opportunity that opened the door to work in Mugaritz, Celler de Can Roca, both in Spain, and Noma in Denmark, recognized as one of the best in the world. All of these experiences deeply shaped his kitchen y his methodology. He realized the importance of being in balance with the earth and its products, adopting simplicity as a key element in Alcalde, Chef Ruano´s Restaurant.


Thierry Blouet

Café des Artistes


Chef Blouet began his career in 1983. The late 80´s came with many recognitions including Chef of the Year. In 1999, along with two partners created Café des Artistes. A 20 year career culminated with the most prestigious award of all chefs, the “Maîtres Cuisiniers de France”.

27Jónatan Gómez Luna

Le Chique

Chef Jonatán Gómez Luna is an award-winning Chef who has forged his culinary talents at globally acclaimed restaurants. As Executive Chef of Le Chique, he blends cutting-edge techniques with sheer showmanship to transform food into unforgettable sensory experiences for his clientele.
Gómez Luna presents a modernist cuisine, where nothing is as it seems. Foods are deconstructed then reconstructed to resemble something else. In fact, everything in his seasonal tasting menus are designed to puzzle, amuse and amaze you.
“We go to great lengths to create a memorable experience for our guests through bold, fun, cutting-edge cuisine using the most innovative cooking techniques and fresh and authentic Mexican ingredients” says Chef Jonatán.

041Antonio DeLivier

Antonio de Livier was born in Mexicali, Baja California. His passion to learn and find independence led him to seek his fortune in America. Livier´s cuisine reflects his spirit, creative freedom and revolutionary essence. For the last three years, Livier has called upon the best chefs in Mexico to meet in the Pacific Cooks festival, celebrated in Los Cabos.



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