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Join the Three Kings Day Mexican Celebration!


After New Year’s celebration, which finishes off the holiday festivities for most of the countries, Mexican families still have a very special date to commemorate.  On January 6, El Día De Reyes, the Epiphany, is celebrated in Mexico, remembering the day when the Three Wise Men following the star to Bethlehem, arrived bearing their treasured gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the Baby Jesus.

Around January 6th you’ll be able to find all over the country what is known as Rosca de Reyes, an oval sweetbread decorated with candied fruit. Families and friends gather to cut the “rosca”, meaning each person has to cut a generous slice of bread, but it is not just about eating the bread… each rosca has a couple of plastic figurines of Baby Jesus. Figurines are hidden inside the bread because it symbolizes the need to find a secure place where Jesus could be born, a place where King Herod would not find Him. The knife symbolizes the danger in which the Baby Jesus  was in, one by one guests inspect their slice looking for the Baby Jesus, hopping not to find it because tradition says that whoever gets the hidden figurine on their rosca slice will become Baby Jesus’ godfather, which means he/she will have to invite over for Tamales and Atole everyone else who is sharing the rosca with to a new celebration, La Candelaria or Candle mass day, celebrated on February 2nd.

So yes, once again, Mexicans have found a way to continue the celebrations, and that’s how Mexican Christmas season is extended up to February 2nd!

If you happen to be in Punta Mita area today, make sure you join this fun tradition and you’ll be able to extend your holiday celebrations too!

P.S. Roscas can be found in all super markets and local bakery shops. And don’t forget to include some hot chocolate to go with your rosca slice.

Provecho and let us know who will be preparing the Tamales for the Candelaria!

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