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Limpio de Vallarta, professional cleaning services for homes and businesses

Puerto Vallarta

About Limpio de Vallarta

Limpio de Vallarta is a company dedicated to provide professional cleaning services for residences, businesses and offices using american technology that allows them to deliver outstanding results.


They adjust to every client schedule to not interfere with their activities, even if this requires them working at night to deliver a shiny office first time in the morning. They provide cleaning services to shopping malls, condominiums, public spaces, restaurants, parking lots, kitchens and practically any space you require.


Limpio de Vallarta uses the latest cleaning technology and the best products, which in addition to a qualified team allows them to provide a fast and high quality work. They also provide preventive maintenance to keep your space clean and presentable for your family, friends and clients.


They know exactly what they are doing, that´s why you don´t have to worry about the integratey of your floors, walls, windows, decks or any area they work on, they´ll keep it in optimal conditions.



Cleaning Services:

  • Glasses 

  • Floors

  • Interior and Exterior Walls

  • Roads

  • Public Spaces

  • Parking Spaces

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Landing Strips

  • Wood Decks

  • Futbol courts


Fine Cleaning:

  • Residences

  • Apartments

  • Condominiums

  • Hotels

  • Offices


Restaurant Cleaning:

  • Kitchens

  • Floors

  • Offices

  • Bars

  • Interior

  • Exterior


Floor Cleaning and Restoring:

  • Clay 

  • Cantera

  • Marble

  • Wood floors and decks

  • Stone

  • Granite

  • Sintetics


Yachts Cleaning (Interior and Exterior)



  • Sidewalks

  • Bus Stops


Their equipment, products and vast experience allow them to eliminate gum, mold, moss, soot, grease, filth and graffiti.

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