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LivePuntaMita Style: get to know Corazon Sagrado by Selene

article-image enjoys showcasing the local businesses and artisans of our community. Here, we offer up a conversation with Selene Soucy, owner of Corazon Sagrado, a boutique of clothing, jewelry and home accessories of her own design, as well as curated designs by several of Selene’s friends.

An accomplished designer, Selene works with local and regional artisans to complement her work, in areas including embroidery, Otomi and weaving. She doesn’t just contract workers, but seeks to find talented artisans and asks for their input – enabling both parties to learn in the process. One example is her collection of straw handbags, which are made by a group of women in the area who are mute and deaf. This is their only source of income to support their families.

Other alliances are with close friends of Selene’s, such as the Milagros jewelry by Canadian designer Angela Lovett, or the crochet rosaries by Guadalajara designer Rocio Rodríguez. “I love to work with friends,” says Selene, “This is truly a ‘friends and family’ business!” Her only rule? Anyone who is represented must design and produce in the region.

The designs by Selene herself are all created in her workshop, located one floor above the boutique. All of the clothing, embroidery and hand-water colored cards are created on site. This also allows Selene to accommodate custom work as well, if you happen to have a special request.

There is something for everyone at Corazon Sagrado – teens will love the crocheted shorts and crop tops, and the colorful caftans suit any age or body type. Browse through the graphics t-shirts, jewelry, artfully messaged Corazon bags, plastic-weave backpacks or inspired artwork and home décor items by artist Patty Gallardo. The Corazon Sagrado space is light, airy and inviting to spend time in.

And now, a bit more about Selene, and her inspiration for Corazon Sagrado: 

Where are you from?

I was born in Mexico City, but I have US citizenship too — I consider myself a global citizen.

Why did you move to Mexico?

I’ve had the opportunity of living, studying and working in countries like France, Holland, and several US cities. I studied Graphic Design in Mexico City. I studied a special course of Art and Languages at L’Université de Bourgogne in France and I’m also a Fashion Designer from the University of Art and Design in Miami. For me, Mexico is a country full of life, of many colors, tastes and a country rich in culture and traditions. Living in the Mexican Pacific Coast was always in my plans. This forever-summer weather is part of what motivates me and makes me return to Mexico again and again.

How did you start working with fashion and clothing items?

I don’t believe there was a “beginning”, but it is part of who I am. I was born into a very creative family; my grandparents had a fabric store and my mom had a jewelry store, so when I was a teenager I worked directly with Taxco silver workers to bring my drawings to life, creating earrings or pendants. My father is an architect. I remember his constant sketches, capturing everyday scenes or architecture. He was always with his notebook and pencils in hand everywhere. I grew up surrounded by fabrics, laces, patterns, architectural projects, books, art, museums, dealing and working with artisans, and visiting the entire country. Today I find myself doing the same things I learned at home, so the creativity became a habit. Creating is a consequence of my formation. What began as an entertainment has now become my life.

What inspires you?

It is not a topic or something specific that inspires me, for me it is the habit, or practice of creation that is stronger than its inspiration. The habit keeps me working even when I don’t have inspiration. This discipline helps me finish projects and improve them, not the inspiration; it is persistence in practice. I believe that everything is a combination of “all”, experiences, dreams, aromas, sounds, textures, travels, flavors. There are so many things that can take me to inspiration — moments and memories that always come with little smiles, you visualize them in your mind and create them with your hands. In design, every line is as painting, each stitch is as chisel to the sculpture, each color is as words for the poet, and once you finish a design it simply is the transformation of that moment, that memory, that taste, that trip in your own creation.

For how long have you had Corazon Sagrado?

Corazón Sagrado is a project that I’ve been preparing for years. The name Corazón Sagrado (sacred heart) comes from my catholic education from my childhood in Mexico City, and that structure still lives in me, it was part of me and will be part of me. I can tell you that Sagrado is my heart just by allowing me to live day after day to the maximum – without it, I wouldn’t have any oxygen to create my fashion and at the end, the Corazón Sagrado is for everyone. This has become our slogan: “Everyone’s story is the story of their heart”.

If you could define your style in 3 words, which words would you choose?

Relaxed, bohemian, colorful.

How do you select your materials?

For me, there’s no formula for selecting the materials – a main part of the fashion world is understanding and knowing what you are doing, and, as I mentioned before, transforming an idea, a trip, or a dream into a trend, a moment into a shape. Many times I fall in love with one color or texture, and sometimes I have ideas working from long time ago. Other times I would rather design the pattern myself. My preference always be for natural colors.

Do you have a favorite item in your new collection?

I love the caftans, and long, sheer dresses. This season I name it “Sea Gypsies” because is part of the community that visits Punta de Mita. They spend long or short stays in different destinations that are mainly defined by the sea aroma, soft lights, spectacular sunsets and bright sunrises. I believe that my favorite part of this collection is the flow of the Sea Gypsies.

What was the inspiration for this new collection? 

Just look at these winter sunsets in Punta de Mita, breathe in the sea aroma, or stand in front of the ocean: …you’ll experience the infinite beauty of the region and the constant movement of those who are part of it. I believe that a core part of being a designer is visualizing a perfect afternoon, an unforgettable dinner, a sunset – and then give life to something material.

Who can wear your creations? 

A woman with an appetite for the good things in life, with a bohemian spirit, and one who appreciates freedom in movement. A woman who has an unforgettable presence and essence.

Corazon Sagrado is located on the main road into Punta Mita village. For more info, visit: the LivePuntaMita Business Directory.