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LivePuntaMita Style: Swim into Summer Style!


Meet Deb Ferrari, Manager of the Boutiques of Punta Mita at Four Seasons, and one of LivePuntaMita‘s style experts. From accessorizing tips to style advice and everything in between, she’s our go-to-gal for how to look great here in Punta Mita. She has an especially keen eye for how best to dress for your body type, and is happy to help select styles that will flatter your assets. She lives the Punta Mita lifestyle, and can share with you the top tips for looking your best while in our perfect paradise!

Swimwear 101

Says LPM’s style expert, Deb Ferrari: “Since Punta Mita living centers on beach time, everyone always asks me what’s the key to finding the perfect swimsuit. The number one factor is fit – if it fits properly it is more likely to flatter your body, and you might find you can expand your horizons in terms of styles you generally select.” She adds, “When it fits and feels good on you, you’ll look great, because you’ll feel great.”

To put Deb to the test, we gathered a group of three Punta Mita ladies for an afternoon of trying on swimsuits for the summer – sipping champagne, to ease the anxiety many of us feel for this particular shopping venture.

“It’s not uncommon to dread trying on swimsuits,” says Deb. “We offer custom suit fittings – we want you to not only feel good about the suit you leave with, but the entire process of finding it.”

Four Seasons Swim 2014

When we arrived, we found that Deb had already pre-selected an assortment of swimsuits for each of us to try on – tailored to our body types, age, and even personality. We browsed a bit to add our own picks. The Boutiques of Punta Mita at Four Seasons carries an extensive array of options, with over 15 swimwear lines represented including designers from Columbia, Brazil and Australia, so there is ample to choose from. Among their selection, there are lines designed to fit all body shapes.

Here’s what Deb selected for us:

For Cassie – petite, slender, and with the type of body that can look good wearing anything, Cassie tried on suits selected by Deb from the Eberjey and Melissa Obedash collections. Eberjey is a line that is known for bringing the “bedroom to the beach”, and Deb’s selection including a trending tribal print, but in a softer palette, that resonated with Cassie, who favors prints.  But she settled on one by Melissa Obedash, a L.A.-based designer and former fashion model known for suits geared for lean ladies with her teeny tiny bikinis that offer minimal coverage and signature hardware as an accent piece.

Joanie skipped the swimsuit fittings, and focused on cover-ups. For her, Deb selected a colorful print by local favorite, Milly, who once designed an entire swim collection based on the natural beauty of Punta Mita. Other choices included beauties from Le Soliel, a mother-daughter team from Miami, which uses light, colorful fabrics from India. They exclusively do tunics and cover-ups, and offer accessible price points.

For myself, Deb pulled a mix of bikinis—which I favor—and a few one-piece suits. Designs were from the lines OndadeMar, Jets by Jessika Allen and PillyQ. The OndadeMar line hails from Columbia, and is known for their vibrant patterns and a fit geared for a more curvaceous body. Australian designer Jessika Allen and her Jets swimwear line is also about more coverage and structure, with their pieces all sold as separates, to ensure a perfect fit for every body type. Her luxe fabrics offer stretch, to mold and form to curves. I nearly fell for a one-piece, for the flattering shaping it gave me. But I chose a bikini by PilyQ, a Barcelona line known for its flirty, cabana-chic designs. The one I selected has a structured bandeau top – a first for me, and a style I had always automatically discarded, but that Deb insisted I try – and is also a subtle white and tan stripe, where I have never owned anything other than a solid suit.

It certainly proved to me how a fresh perspective and intimate knowledge of the various lines’ fit can do to result in a perfect summer swimsuit!

Clearly, Deb and her team are well educated on the various brands offered, and can help you select the best bets to “suit” your individual style and body type. As mentioned previously, they offer private appointments, and will pull a starting selection for you. Thanks to Deb for getting these Punta Mita ladies in the swim, for summer 2014!

Are you ready to hit the beach yet?

The Boutiques of Punta Mita, at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, are located at the entry to the Resort, adjacent to the Lobby, and are open daily from 10am to 7:30pm.