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LivePuntaMita Style: Ten Questions with Artist Marco Álvarez


At the suggestion of Deb Ferrari, Manager of the Boutiques of Punta Mita at Four Seasons Resort, is featuring a new series entitled “Ten Questions With…”. The idea is that rather than recounting details of the items sold in the Boutiques, we’ll have more fun getting to know the local designers and artists who create them. Each of the designers and artists  featured in this series has their work available in the Boutiques of Punta Mita.

Marco Álvarez

1. Describe yourself in 140 characters or less – Twitter-bio style:

Morning person. Definetetly I am more a performer than an observer.  Arts & sports lover. Never satisfied and very critical about my work. Totally visual.

2. What do you view as your strongest connection to Punta de Mita?

I am Pisces, so I like living close to the sea.  Because it’s a small community, I am able to connect more with my art.

3. Where do you find your inspiration? 

Inspiration is determined by the glare of ideas, sounds or images that cross my mind, sometimes something I read, see or listen. My work is abstract so what I try to do is to put those concepts into two or three dimensions.

 4. What is your perfect Punta de Mita day (or, night?)

Early work out, brunch with Mel, evening at the beach and “fine dining” at one of our Punta de Mita Restaurants.

5. Where is your favorite Punta de Mita place to dine & drink?

“El Fonterizo”…hahaha,… no, just kidding. Definitely “Blue Shrimp” or “Si Señor”.

6. What is your  favorite way to play in Punta Mita?

“Gone fishing”

7.  Finish this sentence:  Punta Mita, is, to me:

my habitat.

8.    What is your “go to” style, when in Punta Mita? 

Tommy Bahama’s style.

 9. How did you get your start in (designing/art/etc.)?

Drawing Speed Racer’s car & cartoons of my schoolteachers. I come from a family of artists on both sides, my father was an architect, and on my mother’s side I have two aunts that were painters.  One of them was Diego Rivera’s assistant. Also my brother is an art director for movies, so it is in my genes. I have always drawn since I was a little boy, so going into design and architecture was a natural thing. Before I went to college I wanted to pursuit a career as a cartoonist, but I made a personal choice to move into painting because I found a more transparent experience to express my ideas. Recently I have been involved with sculpture as a result of the architecture’s space and tri-dimentional objectivity and the bi-dimentionality of painting.

10. What’s your perfect family/OR/romantic Punta Mita moment? 

Having a day at the beach with Mel.


ABOUT MARCO ÁLVAREZ. Born in México City in 1964, Marco studied at the University of Mexico (UNAM) and graduated with a degree in Architecture in 1990. Design Studies: under Dr. Mathias Goeritz. He was an instructor in graphic representation, rendering and watercolors at the University of Mexico. From 1989 to 2005 he executed a parallel career in both architecture and painting. He has participated in multiple exhibits, both solo and collective, including Art Biennials as well as international art contests. In May 2012, he was awarded the gold medal “XXXV Edizione de La Medusa Aurea” from the International Academy of Modern Art in Rome. He has participated in over 45 exhibitions and his work has been shown at museums and galleries in México, The United States and Europe. Marco currently resides in Punta de Mita, Mexico.

Several of Marco’s pieces on display at The Boutiques of Punta Mita, including a special surfboard that Marco did for the opening of the NAWI Lifestyle store. The Boutiques of Punta Mita are located at the entry to the Four Seasons Resort, adjacent to the Lobby, and are open daily from 10am to 7:30pm.

Marco’s Studio/Gallery is located  at: Address:  Las Pangas 3, Punta de Mita; Tel. 329-298-3096; Cel. 322-294-1971. Hours are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 4-8 pm; Tuesday & Thursday:  10 am- 2 pm and 4-8 pm. Closed for lunch from 2-4 pm.

Download a catalog of Marco’s recent works here: MARCOALVAREZ

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