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LivePuntaMita Style: Ten Questions with Ceci Paredes

article-image is featuring a series entitled “Ten Questions With…” and in this article we are presenting, Ceci Paredes, Executive Director at PEACE Punta de MitaFrom the start-up of the new Peace Punta de Mita, A.C. on April 1, 2013, Ceci has played a pivotal leadership role, first to lead the wind- up of previous activities and second, to create a new strategic direction with a new business plan to implement at the start-up.

1. Describe yourself in 140 characters or less – Twitter-bio style:

As an infinite source of curiosity and adaptability in all shapes of life. With tireless energy for positive inner and outer transformation. Sharing and laughing.

2. What do you view as your strongest connection to Punta de Mita?
As a third cultured person. Mita has taught me what it means to be Mexican and a Mexican woman. My strongest connection is that, this tiny village has given me a sense of belonging, roots.

3. Where do you find your inspiration?
NATURE, knowledge, sharing, friends and fiesta ????

4. What is your perfect Punta de Mita day (or, night?)?
The one I walk everyday.

5. Where is your favorite Punta de Mita place to dine & drink?

  • Casual Village: Tacos Norma and Quesadillas @ La Avioneta,
  • Casual Cool: Km5 Surfbar
  • Nice: Sí Señor

6. What is your favorite way to play in Punta Mita?
Horseback riding, biking, hicking Monkey Mountain with friends, beach day.

7. Finish this sentence:  Punta Mita, is, to me: 


8. What is your “go to” style, when in Punta Mita? 

9. How did you get your start in (social causes)??
When I first saw the immense social, economical and gender disparities in lifes between Europe and Latin America, I innerly decided I wanted more balance and would do something about it.

10. What do you love the most from your work??
The results of my work.  The amazing people I work with and meet. Seeing the human side of everyone. Being the bridge between generosity and eager of growth from the local community.

About Ceci Paredes

Being fully fluent in Spanish, French, and English, Ceci was born abroad and educated in a number of private international schools as her father, a Mexican diplomat, was posted in various capital cities of Europe and Latin America. Among the countries she lived were Romania, Former Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, Honduras, India, and Mexico.
Returning to Mexico to attend university in Mexico City, she has also travelled extensively on her own. Having such international experience, Ceci has skillfully bridged the huge social divide between the seasonal American/Canadian community, and the year-round local residents.

Accomplished at equestrian show-jumping, Ceci has been living and working in the Punta de Mita area for 6 years, and is currently earning an online BA in business administration from the Universidad of Guadalajara.

About Peace Punta de Mita

PEACE Punta de Mita (PPM) was founded by a small group of  Punta de Mita homeowners and seasonal residents who recognized the many needs of the indigenous communities and felt a civic obligation to help improve their lives and living conditions.  The original founders have  been joined by many generous seasonal residents in funding the on-going operations of PPM.

To learn more about Cecilia Paredes work at Peace Punta de Mita visit