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LivePuntaMita Style: Ten Questions with Designer Debbie de la Cueva


At the suggestion of Deb Ferrari, Manager of the Boutiques of Punta Mita at Four Seasons Resort, is featuring a new series entitled “Ten Questions With…”. The idea is that rather than recounting details of the items sold in the Boutiques, we’ll have more fun getting to know the local designers and artists who create them. Each of the designers featured in this series has their work available in the Boutiques of Punta Mita. 

Debbie de la Cueva, Jewlery Designer

1. Describe yourself in 140 characters or less – Twitter-bio style

I’m a private person. I love my family and my life in Mexico. My jewelry is my passion and the source of my creativity. My family comes first. I like to spend as much time as possible with them.

2. What do you view as your strongest connection to Punta de Mita?

The Four Seasons Resort. Deborah Ferrari has always been so supportive of my work. Without her I wouldn’t have that connection to Mita.

3. Where do you find your inspiration?

I find it from within myself. It’s a sense of joy that pervades my being.

4. What is your perfect Punta de Mita day (or, night?)

Going out to dinner with close friends and family.

5. Where is your favorite Punta de Mita place to dine & drink?

Si Señor and Si Sushi

6. What is your favorite way to play in Punta Mita?

Spending time at a quiet beach like Burros.

7. Finish this sentence:  Punta Mita, is, to me…..

Classy and refreshing.

8. What is your “go to” style, when in Punta Mita?

Colorful, casual chic…for instance a James Pearce tank top and a Calypso sarong

9. How did you get your start in (designing/art/etc.)?

Since I was young… in the early 90’s I started working with antique seed beads and that opened an important channel.

10. What’s your perfect family/OR/romantic Punta Mita moment? 

Early evening during a beautiful sunset.


The Boutiques of Punta Mita are located at the entry to the Four Seasons Resort, adjacent to the Lobby, and are open daily from 10am to 7:30pm.

Here is a peak at a selection of Debbie’s stunning designs…