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About Marakame Marketing

What is marakáme? In the Huichol language, the word means spirit guide. We like this word, as we consider ourselves your guardian angel in directing your message to its highest power

We don’t think of ourselves as marketers, but messengers. We do not have clients but partners in sharing new visions. We believe that boundaries are blurring—and that the space and time in which individuals connect is fluid…and digital. We believe in the power of online social communities. Because, at their core, they are simply about connecting people with shared interests and values.

We do not strive to be all things to all people, but to be a unique asset for a select few, in telling their story. The stories we want to tell are about an extraordinary place, exceptional lifestyle or opportunities for a brilliant adventure. These are our passions, and we believe that passion is the heart of creativity. We enjoy being unconventional, approachable, original, and…enthusiastic. From this, we are able to take your message into the brightest light.

Are we a fit? We welcome getting to know you, to see if we can create some magic together.

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