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Maria Bonita, an exquisite collection of Mexican folk art

Avenida de Las Redes at Plaza Ollin
Punta de Mita Village

About Maria Bonita

Maria Bonita is a cute shop with the perfect treasures to take home, handcrafted pieces that will remind you the great time you had when you visited Punta Mita in the Riviera Nayarit. You´ll frind a exquisite variety of pieces, from artcrafts and Mexican Folk Art, to gifts and decorative elements for your home.


Maria Bonita features a beautiful collection of pieces of clay, glass, special frame, textiles, wood and natural fiber objects, and the recently added items: original jewerly desings and handbags of independent designers.

Clay Collection
Mexico characterizes for keeping alive many of its ancestral traditions, celebratins, music, folk dances and of course its artcrafts. Ceramic objects in the antique Mexico were marvelous, nowadays many of those pieces can be found in museums. Although the massive destruction made by the conquerers, the ceramic art survived and even today amaze us by its shapes, colors, symbology and beauty. 
At Maria Bonita you´ll find a fine collection of clay objects from the main producers in Mexico as Mata Ortiz pieces, as well as objects from Amatenango del Valle in Chiapas, Metepec, Ocumicho, Guanajuato, Tonalá and San Bartolo Coyotepec.
Textile Collection

Textiles is one of Mexico’s more important crafts as it represents the continuation of tradition as well as its fusion with modern designs and techniques. Both pre-Hispanic and colonial era style textiles are still made in Mexico and Maria Bonita has a wide selection of clothing, tableclothes, pillows, rebozos and runners.

Wood and Natural Fiber Pieces
The store features a unique collection of wood and other natural fiber pieces. Most of its items are manufactured in Olinalá, Guerrero. Olinalá lacquer is known by its remarkable beauty and precision. The technique to elaborate these pieces is learned over the years, and they use aloe wood, pine and ayacahuite copal, chia oil, land limestone and natural dyes.


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