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Meet special guest James Redford at Celebrate Conservation Movie Night – this Sat. March 21!


As part of this coming Saturday’s Celebrate Conservation benefit event for the Fundacion Punta de Mita, together with the Redford Center, Punta Mita residents and guests will enjoy the opportunity to meet and hear from James Redford, Chairman of the Redford Center and an award-winning film maker, conservationist and teller of stories that move people.

After enjoying an afternoon option of fun on the Golf course, the celebration continues with a special edition Movie Night at the Punta Mita Golf Club House. James Redford, together with Dr. Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta, Director of the Water and Wetlands Program, Pronatura Noroeste, will showcase the movie WATERSHED, narrated by James’ father, Robert Redford, which tells the story of one of the greatest environmental restoration opportunities of our time: an ambitious U.S-Mexico cross-border effort to reconnect the Colorado River to its Mexican river delta.

About James Redford: James Redford writes, directs and produces for film and television. “I come from a long line of storytellers, so the idea of being compelled to make sense of things is essential to who I am and how I see the world,” he says. James has written, directed, or produced over 10 films, including the award-winning documentaries Watershed, Toxic Hot Seat, and Mann v. Ford. He also wrote and directed the short comedy film Quality Time and wrote the screenplays for Cowboy Up and the PBS Mystery movie Skinwalkers. After surviving two liver transplants, James launched the James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness, a nonprofit dedicated to educating the public about the need for organ and tissue donation; his live music event, “Share the Beat,” has raised awareness and funds in cities all over the United States.

But it’s his involvement with the Redford Center where his passion for creating documentaries and action campaigns around issues truly shines. “Our role has always been to take complicated issues that are important and challenging and render them coherent, digestible and hopefully inspiring so people can get engaged,” James says. Since the Redford Center’s inception in the late ’90s, James has been at the forefront of the center’s work, not only creating thoughtful, strategic action campaigns and making documentary films, but also guiding the vision of the center to continue to tell stories that move. “I just love meeting people and hearing their stories,” he says. “Being in the documentary filmmaking world ensures your life is one long continuing education course. You’re constantly learning more—not only about topics but human nature. And then to be able to apply a love of sound and vision into how you shape that content, that’s the icing on the cake.”

The Movie Night evening will feature dinner and drinks at the Punta Mita Golf Club, an open-air screening of Watershed, the 50-minute, award-winning film produced by the Redford Center and Kontent Films, and a special Question & Answer session with filmmaker and Redford Center Chairman, James Redford, together with Dr. Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta. After that? Time to mix and mingle with cocktails under the stars!

  • Welcome cocktail: 6-7pm
  • Dinner under the Stars: 7-8pm
  • Movie night, featuring Watershed, followed by
  • Q&A with James Redford – 8-9:30
  • After-the-movie cocktails: 9:30…


  • Golf Tournament: $200 usd per person
  • Movie Night & Dinner: $125 usd
  • Both Golf Tournament, Movie Night & Dinner: $275 usd

For questions about the event, please contact (Golf Tournament) Phil Ferrari, or (Movie Night) Lynne Bairstow;, MX Cell: (322) 135-5275, US Cell: (917) 573-8412.

Space for this benefit event is limited, so reserve now and be a part of the Punta Mita Celebration for Conservation!

For more information about the programs visit: