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About Mita Surf Club

It´s not a secret Riviera Nayarit is a marvelous aquatic playground, and Punta de Mita concentrates the very best attractions: excellent surf and SUP conditions, crystal clear waters ideal for snorkeling, annual visits of humpback whales that provide spectacular natural performances and the Marietas Islands, a natural preserve to admire nature at its best. And what better way to enjoy them all than with a local taste!
Mita Surf Club is a small local company that goes beyond surfing lessons, they are dedicated to provide the best aquatic experiences of the area. Their location could´t be better, they are right in front of El Anclote beach, one of the famous surf breaks in the area.
Mita Surf Club team is commanded by José Pelayo, known as “Mita”, an experienced local surfer with a natural gift for surf instruction. José and his team will make sure you feel at home and enjoy your time in the area.
  • Surf Lessons
Mita Surf School wants you and your family to have fun, learn and experience how it feels to run some waves. Punta de Mita provides us with perfect waves and perfect spots for each skill level and especially for beginners. Mita Surf Club instructors will guide you through the basic training first on the sand and after learning the essential moves they´ll take you to the water, and when you less expect it, you´ll be catching waves! Mita Surf School team will be there all the time to make sure everything goes well and of course, take photos for you to prove your deed.
Mita Surf School will provide snacks, drinks and all surf equipment, all you have to bring is your sunblock and towel! 
  • SUP Lessons

This new surf modality also known as Stand UP Paddleboard has became very popular thanks to its wide variety of variations for its practice. You can begin paddling on your knees to gain strength and confidence, practice yoga if you have a little more control and balance, paddle longer distances on your feet, even competing on races and surf big waves as the experts! Make sure Mita Surf School staff will provide the best instructions and tips to make sure you live the surfing experience.
*Light snacks and water provided.
  • Surf/SUP Boards Rentals
You already know how to surf but you didm´t bring your surf board? Don´t worry! Long, shorts, paddle boards, they have them all for you to surf the best breaks in the area. Feel free to ask for a weekly rental rate!
  • Marietas Island Experience
Discover the beautiful sea life and the amazing Marietas Islands ecosystem. Also you´ll have the opportunity to admire the rare bird called the Blue Footed Boobie which can only be found on two islands in the entire world. Once you jump into the water you´ll be able to explore the islands either paddle boarding around the islands or going deeper for an snorkeling adventure you´ll be amazed by the underwater world in the islands.
*Light snacks and water provided.
  • Whale Watching
Every year, from December to March thousands of humpback whales return to Banderas Bay to provide us with an amazing natural performance. Adventure with us and get closer to these gentle and giant mammals. One in a lifetime experience!
*Light snacks and water provided.
  • Snorkeling Trips
Take a dive and discover the magical underwater world of the Banderas Bay in one of their Snorkeling Trips. They will take you to the bests spots in the area to admire aquatic flora and fauna that this area offers. All their 2.5 hours tours are guided, their local expert know the area perfectly and will lead and take good care of you, swiming side by side  with you to make sure you have a wonderful and safe experience.
*Light snacks and water provided.
  • Paddle Surfing at Marieta Islands
Explore the Marieta Island from a different perspective with Mita Surf Club. They´ll guide you on a water excursion around the islands using paddle boards, allowing you admire closer the beauty of this National Park. The adventure starts with a 15 minutes panga trip to the islands departing from El Anclote, soon you´ll be ready to get on your sup board and start paddleling. Your guide will lead you on the discovery, giving you instructions on how to row depending of the currents and making sure you stay safe while enjoying this fun activity.
*Light snacks and water provided.
*SUP Boards not included, but available with a super special price.
Take back home evidence of your adventures! We know taking  pictures in certain activities, specially the ones that involve water, is difficult, either because you don´t have a waterproof equipment or maybe because you are too busy having fun to get distracted with the camara, that´s why they can do it for you! Let them know in advance if you would like to get pictures taken and they can assign a photographer with a GoPro camera to take amazing images!
About our boats: For your own safety and to provide and comfortable service all our boats have a maximum capacity of 8 guests, plus our Captain and Guide. All boats are submitted to continues rutine revisions to maintain them in perfect conditions and all of them include safety lifejackets for all passengers.
Operation Hours: Everyday! As long as we have sunlight we´ll be on the water, specially if there are good waves!
Payment Method: Cash (USD/ Pesos)


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