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Pasha Bazar in Punta de Mita


Pasha Bazar is like going to a Turkish street market in Punta de Mita. In fact, if Gary were not so blond he could be confused with a vendor from one of those wildly colored markets which is probably how this talented art director & graphic designer ended up in Punta de Mita with a fabulous collection of home décor items: silken pillows, scented candles, artwork, baskets, hand carved furniture from around the world not to mention the incredible jewelry and fashion accessories.  This is a not to be missed shopping experience in Punta de Mita! Pasha Bazar is located in the Plaza of Shops in Punta de Mita on Avenida de las Redes. Open Tuesday thru Saturday 10 – 5. Telephone 329.291.6468.