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PEACE celebrates its 6th Annual Assembly


Every year PEACE Managements celebrates an Assembly to share the highlights of the previous year and share the new plans for the present year. Once again our dear neighbor The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort was so kind to donate the Astor Ballroom for the 2018 Annual Assembly. Over 20 key donors attended to this educational session, the afternoon began with Peter Newton officially handing over as Chair to newly elected Ron Budacz. Ron continued by acknowledging Peter’s amazing efforts and contributions to PEACE over the years, presenting him with a meaningful resolution read by board director Bob Farquharson.

Executive Director Ali Elías took over to begin the meetings highlights for 2018 after having reviewed PEACE’s mission and vision. Education Coordinator Warren Hair spoke in detail about the English Program, reflecting on student number increases, teacher training and evaluations, which reflect the steady progress of our students. Education Coordinator Anaelena Girón spoke about the CAMPEONES Program and what they had achieved, as well as the recent graduates from the scholarship program and the new students, as well explaining figures from last year’s Summer Camp. Community Pride Manager Maria Rangel spoke about her achievements, talking about community projects and talks that have been inspiring the community.

The session was closed by the new Board Chair Ron Budacz who shared the details pertaining to the 2019 budget approval and donations.

PEACE Punta de Mita is a local non profit that works tirelessly to facilitate local development based on self-sufficiency and the active participation of the local community of Punta de Mita, through the implementation and delivery of programs in three categories of community services: Education, Pride of the Community and Health / Style of Lifetime. If you would like to support this amazing effort by donating or joining their activities please visit:

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