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PEACE English Classes return to regular schedule with a new students record!


After the much deserved summer break, local students are back in full swing for the new school year! Some of the kids participated on the fun PEACE Summer Camp, while many others preferred to dedicate their break to a different activities or simply to relax…  Now, all of them are all back at school, and PEACE is set for an even bigger school year ahead.

PEACE successful English Program has reached over 1,100 students! Thanks to it, everyday young students from the local communities prepare in this foreign language that will provide much better opportunities to compete in a local economy almost entirely based on tourism, and where knowledge of the English language is paramount.

This year, the afternoon classes at the Punta de Mita Primary are returning, with full support from Public Education authorities. Furthermore, thanks to PEACE and SEP (Public Education Secretary), very soon the students at Punta de Mita’s Preparatoria will be receiving the amazing benefits of the English Program, along with computer classes!

The inclusion of these new groups will not only increase the number of students that will learn English, but will also improve the lives of more members of our community.

For more information about the English Program and volunteering with us, please click here.

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