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PEACE Punta de Mita celebrated English Program Open Classes


Based on the fact that the local economy is almost entirely based on tourism and that the local public schools did little to prepare their students to function in an environment where knowledge of the English language is paramount, back in 2014, PEACE Punta de Mita started an English language program in 3 local public schools. The program rapidly developed, and within a year, was adopted by all of the local schools, including 3 kindergarten, 3 elementary, 2 middle and 2 high schools.

Two hours of English language instruction was a good start and meant progress, but Peace knew they were insufficient to achieve proficiency. Therefore, PEACE Executive Director of Peace, Cecilia Paredes, and PEACE Education Supervisor, Ali Elias, with the support of the full PEACE Board, petitioned the Mexican Ministry of Education “SEP” to allow PEACE to teach English 5 hours/week. PEACE’s efforts were hugely successful, and was able to negotiate a signed agreement with SEP and PEACE is teaching 5 hours of English at every school in the three communities comprising approximately 1200 students.

Expansion of the English language curriculum required the recruitment of a significant number of teachers, a challenge that was met in short order. PEACE now employs 7 qualified English teachers, all of the teachers attended training workshops to enhance their effectiveness and to make their teaching skills and methods uniform.

As another way to get to know our communities and part of presenting the results of this English Program and Computer Class to parents, SEP Directors and seasonal homeowners. PEACE English Teachers have been working on PBL (Project Base Learning) classes. And that you see your baby growing :).
The week from April 3rd to 7th, PEACE held Open Classes in all the schools showing to the community how this program is working and how kids are really learning English.
If you are interested in learn more about PEACE Punta de Mita English Programs and the rest of their programs, please contact Ceci to schedule a visit:

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