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PEACE Punta de Mita organizes a fun Summer Camp for local kids!


We all know PEACE Punta de Mita works very hard to improve the quality of life of the villages located on the north shore of the bay. They have programs that run through the year supporting education, health and promoting sustainable projects in the community. Many of these activities are focused on the youngest members of the local villages, since PEACE Punta de MITA firmly believes that they play a very important role in the development of their community. And it was precisely by thinking about these kids that they decided to organize a Summer Camp for them to enjoy their school break. PEACE Punta de Mita Summer Camps are actually two camps, one is held at Casa Campesina, PEACE Punta de Mita headquarters at Emiliano Zapata and a second one taking place is Higuera Blanca Elementary School. From July 18th and until August 8th, kids will gather in these two locations to spend the mornings attending to different classes. PEACE hired dance, music, sports and art crafts teachers to run the program, many of them come from private schools in Mezcalez, Bucerias and La Cruz. As in every of their programs, PEACE Punta de Mita looks to teach something useful, going beyond a simple summer activity but inspiring them to recycle and take care of the environment, awaking their artistic skills or maybe encouraging them to practice a sport. PEACE is planning a party to close this Summer Camp this upcoming August 8th at 10am, where the 100+ kids who attended to the camp will gather to have a great time. If you would like to get involved or would like additional information about PEACE Punta de Mita programs, please visit their website: