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PEACE Punta de Mita presented its 2nd Spring Festival! – The Photos!


Time flies! It is Spring already and PEACE Punta de Mita celebrated it!
For second year in a row PEACE Punta de Mita organized a beautiful Festival de Primavera (Spring Festival) in conjunction with the local schools with the main purpose of unifying the local communities with a fun event that highlights the Mexican Culture.
Celebration was past Friday, March 20th with a fun Parade starting at the local Sports Centre. Kids from all local schools were all dressed in white with colorful touches of Mexican Culture (hat, collars, shall, zarapes, etc), this parade ended at Emiliano Zapata town square (next to PEACE Community Centre) where the music and dances began.
Later in the afternoon the Dance Competition between the local groups will took place, boys and girls from different school programs from Punta de Mita, Higuera Blanca and Corral del Risco participated showcasing their best moves.
Right after the Dance Competition, Celebrate the Beat program performed a demonstration of their work. This program is part of an organization that through dance lessons to the kids reinforce their self-esteem, pride and determination.
From 7:15pm and until 8:30pm attendees enjoyed the delicious traditional food and different activities at the square, while enjoying the sound of a live band!
Special Thank You to Maile Johnston for some of these wonderful pictures.