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PEACE’s Campeones Program celebrate great achievements!


PEACE’s Campeones Program has seen great achievements since it began a few years ago! Campeones stands for “Champions”, an after school program created by PEACE Punta de Mita for the most talented, qualified and committed public middle school students selected by both their middle school and teachers. The aim is to prepare these talented students to enter better high schools in the area, to encourage the achievement of higher levels of education and to ultimately enable them to give back to their communities.
The Campeones Program is designed to increase these students’ competency in English language fluency, in computer skills, especially their ability to use Google Chrome Books, and to improve their communications, collaboration and critical thinking skills through community oriented project-based learning.

Back in 2015/2016 school year, Campeones’ first full school year, seventeen students from the three local communities were carefully evaluated and selected based on their ability, capacity and motivation to learn, their grade point average (A or 9.0+), their interest in pursuing higher levels of education, their capacity to grow intellectually and their all around behavior and demeanor. Campeones started up in February 2015, and two of its first term graduates successfully were admitted with scholarship to Colegio Bucerias, one of the top private schools in the north shore area, while the 2016 year level granted three well deserving scholarships to the college.

To recognize the success of the project, PEACE recently spent the afternoon celebrating, giving thanks and acknowledgment to the students and their parents who help to make the program special.

Donors and staff joined the Campeones students and their families, hearing several positive testimonials from current students and previous students who received scholarships.

Once again PEACE is doing an amazing job supporting the new generations to achieve their goals, and this couldn’t be possible without the great support of the community, donors and families, but specially without the outstanding effort of the Campeones who are taking advantaged of the these opportunities and making the most of it to reach their dreams!

To learn more about Campeones and another PEACE programs, please visit

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