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Punta de Mita villages have their first bus stop thanks to Peace Punta de Mita Campeones


For sure you know about Peace Punta de Mita and the extraordinary work they do with the local community through many programs that help improve their lives and living conditions. This time we would like to share with you a wonderful project developed by Campeones.
Campeones stands for “Champions”, an after school program created for the most talented, qualified and committed public middle school students selected by both their middle school and PPM teachers. The aim is to prepare these talented students to enter better high schools in the area, to encourage the achievement of higher levels of education and to ultimately enable them to give back to their communities.
In the last few months these Champions had an important task to complete, they needed to come up with a project idea and develop it, whatever they choose with the main objective of improving their community. This is the first Campeones project, it began in February and was finalized just a couple of weeks ago with the construction of a bus stop. They chose this project, because believe it or not, none of the two villages, El Anclote or Emiliano Zapata, had one.
Architect Jaime Sánchez Mohar from San Pancho, guided them in the construction with the valuable help of Rodrigo, who is an expert using bamboo. The “Champions“ cut the bamboo by themselves, treated it, wrote the letters to SCT (Secretary of Communications and Transportations) applying to get the permits for the construction, and requested the monetary, materials and workforce resources needed from local businesses. The response was splendid, everyone happily collaborated.
This past 4th of July, “Champions“ and their families, Peace staff and local community members joined forces to build the bus stop… the first stop in the villages!
We couldn’t be prouder of these kids and of course of Peace Punta de Mita and its continue efforts for making of this a better community.
For more information about this and other Peace Punta de Mita programs and to support their amazing work visit