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Punta Mita Hospital offers first world service for all the community


Sharing news of our friends at PEACE: Punta Mita Hospital Bronze Plan 

There appears to be a mistaken perception in the villages that the Punta Mita Hospital is only for foreigners, and that it’s unaffordable for local residents. That is not the case at all. The Punta Mita Hospital Bronze Plan, offered to all, is affordable for locals.
Spreading the word that Punta Mita Hospital does indeed welcome local residents, and is affordable, PEACE English teachers will be handing out a leaflet describing the Bronze Plan to all – approx. 1,100 – kids attending English classes. In addition, the PEACE Community Advisory Board, with representatives from all 3 local villages, will spread the word about the Bronze Plan.

Having a first world health center such as Punta Mita Hospital, is a fantastic asset for the local community, and we all need to spread the word that this facility has an affordable plan for them, and they will be welcomed whenever they need medical services. One way is for homeowners to sign up their own staff members to the Bronze Plan.

To learn more about the Punta Mita Hospital and its memberships please visit:

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