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September celebration! – Our 30 favorite things about Mexico


Fiesta time in Mexico!

Mexico celebrates its Independence Day on the 15th but starting September 1st you will feel the spirit of Mexican nationalism and pride throughout the country: flags, pinwheels, mariachi music, traditional dances and of course…tequila!

To join in the spirit of the Independence celebrations, will be sharing with you 30 things we love most about Mexico.

And please, feel free to suggest to us or comment what you love the most about this wonderful country.

1.- Mexico: a nation rich in history, tradition, culture, and natural beauty.

2.-Chiles! Although chiles are not exclusive to Mexico they are an icon of  Mexican gastronomy. Chilies o Tzili, have been around since pre-hispanic times and are considered one of the four basic elements on which Mexico’s diet is based and they  even have their own deity here in Mexico. Learn more about Chiles here.

3.- Alebrijes! The Alebrijes are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures that seem to be pulled out from a nightmare, oh wait…. , actually somehow that´s how they were born. Learn more about Alebrijes here.

4.- Papantla Flyers! Rooted in the pre-Hispanic period the Voladores de Papantla /”Papantla Flyers” do fly! This ritual dedicated to the Sun God. is believed to have originated with the Nahua, Huastec and Otomi peoples in central Mexico and then spread throughout most of Mesoamerica. Learn more about Papantla Flyers here.
5.- Wines! According to legend, Hernán Cortés and his soldiers quickly depleted the wine they brought with them from Spain especially while celebrating the conquest of the Aztec Empire in 1521. Because of this, one of Cortés’ first acts as was to order that grapevines be planted throughout “Nueva Espana”, aka Mexico. Learn more about Mexican Wines here.
6.- Loteria! Brought from Europe in 1770 and based on a game played by the upper classes from the Middle Ages in Italy, Lotería / “Lottery” is a very popular and entertaining  game in Mexico. Learn more about Papantla Flyers here.
7.- Mole! If you haven’t tried it yet then it is a must on your To Do list on your next visit to Mexico. Mole is one of the most representative dishes of Mexico. Learn more about Mole here.
8.- Tequila! Born from the blue agave plant in  a city that bears it’s name: Tequila located in the state of Jalisco.This fine spirit is the spirit of Mexico too. Learn more about Tequila here.
9.- Charros! Charreria has been declared as Mexico’s National Sport and every September 14th the Día del Charro (Charro Day) is celebrated. Learn more about Charros here.
10.- El Grito! One of our favorite things without a doubt is Mexican Clamor…..Viva Mexico/LiveMexico!!! Do you know the story behind this famous phrase called the Grito! Which means the shout? Learn more about El Grito here.
11.- Mariachi! In order to Celebrate Mexico right always include Mexico’s classic icon, the Mariachis, for a true fiesta. Nothing is more Mexican than a Mariachi, except perhaps Tequila, and we at team LPM think they work together beautifully. Learn more about Mariachi here.
12.- Tacos! Who doesn’t love Tacos? That delicious Mexican dish so popular throughout the world. Today we Celebrate Mexico sharing with you the traditional varieties of tacos in Mexico. Learn more about Tacos here.
13.- Huichol Art! Descendents of the Aztec, the Huichol or Wixáritari are an indigenous ethnic group from western central Mexico, who have lived for centuries in the Sierra Madre Occidental, primarily in the Mexican states of Nayarit and Jalisco. They are considered among the last remaining indigenous cultures remaining true to their ancestral roots. Learn more about Huichol Art here.
14.- Piñatas! In Mexico a piñata accompanies almost every fiesta, holiday or birthday celebration. A piñata is made of papier-mâché, with a clay pot or olla de barro on the inside filled with toys, fruit and candy.  Learn more about Piñatas here.

15.- Cocoa! Known as the royal beverage – a sacred brew reserved for pre-Colombian rulers and their accompanying jet set – and an important part of royal and religious events, cocoa or cacao is without a doubt an important Mexican contribution to global cuisine. Learn more about Cocoa here.

16.- La Bamba! Remember that Rock and Roll song by Ritchie Valens from the 50’s, “La Bamba”? Well… guess what? The original “La Bamba” is a traditional Mexican song that belongs to a popular musical style from Veracruz called Son Jarocho. Learn more about La Bamba here.

17.- Architecture! The architecture of Mexico reflects its rich heritage with an innovative fusion of styles from colonial and indigenous cultures to the present day – all celebrating the spirit, soul and traditions of the country itself. Learn more about Mexican Architecture here.

18.- Folk Dances! Like all folk dancing around the globe, traditional Mexican dances provide a glimpse into the culture of the region. It is one of the most stunning and culturally rich dance expression of its kind, the Mexican folk dance is a display of the colorful heritage of the country. Learn more about Mexican Folk Dances here.

19.- Chiles en Nogada! If you call yourself a gastronomy lover, then surely you have tried Chiles en Nogada and if you haven´t then you are missing an exquisite Mexican culinary experience! Learn more about Chiles en Nogada here.

20.- Mexcaltitan!  Tenochtitlan, which in modern times we know as Mexico City, was the capital of the Mexica Empire and it’s foundations are deeply rooted in the state of  Nayarit. Learn more about Mexcaltitan here.

21.- Colors of MexicoMexico is color incarnate, bold, cheeky, fun and inspirational with it’s rich palette of vibrant colors found in nature, modern and ancient architecture, contemporary and folk art, design, textiles, clothing and even the local markets. Learn more about Colors of Mexico here.

22.- Day of the Dead! It’s no secret that Mexico is a country devoted to the art of the fiesta. But did you know that one of the most important annual celebrations in Mexico is the one dedicated to…death? It’s true, and ironically it is a festivity full of life! Learn more about Day of the Dead here.

23.- Teotihuacan! The place where the gods were created… that´s a magnificent name for a magnificent place: Teotihuacan.  Learn more about Teotihuacan here. 

24.- Cultural Diversity!  The de facto language of Mexico is Spanish making it the world’s largest Spanish speaking country. However, in addition to Spanish, another 62 indigenous languages ( and 100 dialects) are also spoken here as it is home to about 11 million indigenous people making Mexico one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. Learn more about Cultural Diversity here.

25.- Music! Have you ever heard El Huapango de Moncayo? If you haven’t… this is your chance. This beautiful song composed by Jose Pablo Moncayo in 1941 is an emblematic melody of Mexico and its wonders. Enjoy! Learn more about Mexican Music here.

26.- Charros! The Charro is the most representative figure of Mexico all over the world, and the Charreria has been declared as Mexico’s National Sport, we share with you a little bit of this wonderful tradition in Mexico. Learn more about Charro here.

27.- Rebozos! Wool, cotton, silk or synthetic. Solid, striped, patterned or multicolored. To be worn as scarves or shawls,Rebozos are definitely a Mexican classic contribution to world fashion and one of the most unique garments in Mexico. Learn more about Rebozos here.

28.- Amado Nervo! His work as a poet was characterized by his mysticism and sadness. Nervo may be the most popular Mexican poet of the 19th century. Learn more about Amado Nervo here.

29.- Frida Kahlo! Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón, that´s a long name! Now I understand why she was known only as Frida Kahlo. Learn more about Frida Kahlo here.

30.- We saved the best for last…of all of the many things we love about Mexico, Punta Mita just happens to be our favorite! Learn more about Punta Mita here.








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