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Serendipity Restaurant, definitely a pleasant surprise!


Serendipity  means “pleasant surprise” and this is exactly what you will find when you visit Serendipity Restaurant and Mezcalería. This new addition to Punta de Mita’s Restaurant Row welcomes you with a colorful Catrina, and from that point of entry, you realize dining here will be a totally different experience. The pictoresque setting is charming, their tables set in the sand offer great ocean views, and the menu is amazing!

Serendipity is the result of two food lovers in a venture of shared passions: Samuel Ochoa and Emma Bonilla, both with proven experience in the culinary arts, now join efforts, jumping into this new adventure. They both consider that discovering their enthusiasm for cuisine was part of a “happy accident” (another meaning for Serendipity) that led them to something great while they were not searching for it.

samuelSamuel, born in Mexico City, at the age of 17 decided to take a break from school – an idea that of course, his parents did not approve of. As a ‘punishment’, he was sent to work as a dishwasher at a family friend’s restaurant, without knowing that it was going to be here where he was to discover his vocation, which he continued through the years in Mexico City, Zihuatanejo, Cancun, Los Cabos and San Francisco.

After spending some time in the U.S. and always looking for new horizons, Samuel returned to Mexico. It didn’t take long until he arrived to Puerto Vallarta. Here, he was a key team member at Carlos O’Brians, the most renowned restaurant in the history of the city. He also worked for Chef Thierry Blouet at Cafe des Artistes del Mar. Then, Samuel and other two friends started what was his first business of his own, Rosa Mexicano, the restaurant he directed and positioned as one of the favorites in Punta de Mita.


Emma BonillaEmma was born in Oaxaca, a state known for its fabulous flavors, and despite her young age, her talent is exceptional. Emma found her passion working as receptionist at Casa Oaxaca Hotel Boutique. Here, the Manager and Executive Chef Alejandro Ruiz offered her a chance to go through all of the hotel’s areas to learn, and it was thanks to these rounds that Emma first entered a professional kitchen and was immediately mesmerized by it. She got a scholarship to study Gastro-technology at Universidad Hotelera Suiza in Puebla. While studying, she kept working to support her career and took advantage of all special courses and travel opportunities, which took her to NYC, London, Monterrey, Veracruz, Chiapas, Tabasco, Yucatan, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, Toluca and even back to Oaxaca. During these trips, she developed a deep love and respect for the various ingredients and techniques of Mexican Cuisine.

Together, Samuel and Emma have started a new adventure as owners and operators of Serendipity Restaurant and Mezcalería, as well as the Sunset Bar & Grill, located on the rooftop of Hotel CINCO. Samuel brings to the table his vast administrative and customer service experience, and Emma is creating her very own dishes based on her pride in Mexico’s most traditional recipes. She will often cook something inspired by her Mom or Granny , who she refers to as “the best Chefs”. They are proud to bring a “small town cuisine” taste to their guests, rising Mexico’s finest flavors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Serendipity Restaurant and Mezcalería: once you eat there, then the word Serendipity=pleasent surprise will make sense, you’ll be delighted to have found them!

Insider’s tip: Try their BBQ Ribs, definitely best in town!!

Serendipity Restaurant and Mezcalería is located on Restaurant Row/Avenida El Anclote #20 (the main street adjacent to the Punta de Mita oceanfront), just before reaching the Fisherman’s Co-Op.

For reservations, contact Sam at (cell)  322-198-6675