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Summer Surf Special: Best Breaks in the North Shore


Surfing in the Punta de Mita area is amazing — one of the true treasures of this area  — and is dedicating this month of Summer to the exploring and sharing with you all aspects of the exciting, entertaining, and addictive sport of SURF! All this month, we’ll be featuring articles highlighting the best surf breaks in the area, along with listings of local shops, tips, and much more…

What’s the secret to making Punta Mita one of the world’s favorite surf destinations? Well — we actually have a few! First, the area has surf breaks that hit during differing weather and tide conditions, which means surfers are able to catch waves basically all year round. Second, the naturally-blessed geography surrounding the Punta Mita peninsula offers a variety of breaks: from shore breaks with gentle waves to reef breaks with larger and faster rides — as well as several of the longest and least crowded point breaks in Mexico. Third, the diversity of the types of breaks means there is something for every experience level, style, or expertise — from beginner to experienced surfers, short-boarders, long-boarders, paddle-boarders, body-boarders, and even kitesurfers!

If you are traveling to Punta Mita and would like to enjoy the experience of riding waves, this will be an excellent guide for you. Whether you are learning to surf or have been surfing for years, we’ll be showcasing the insider tips to make your time in the water the very best possible, so… enjoy!

At a Glance: Punta Mita Top Breaks:

El Anclote: this is by far the best place to learn to surf, and, age doesn’t matter! The access is very easy, located on El Anclote, the main beach in Punta de Mita. Kids, teenagers, adults, beginners, experienced surfers, everyone is welcome here! Learn more about El Anclote Surf Break here.

Palmitas: Formed mainly by sand this  beach breaks is essential for those experience surfers visiting the area, with  rights and lefts. This spot is much better with northern swells. You might be surprised to see the shapes of the waves. Better to avoid it with high tide. Learn more about Palmitas Surf Break here.

Veneros: Veneros, a classic reef break preferred for short board surfing but you can also enjoy longboard surfing here. Clean groundswells prevail and the ideal swell angle is from the southwest. Learn more about Veneros Surf Break here.

Stinky: Don’t be scared by the name, this is a great spot for beginners with  very easy access, right in Punta de Mita, and perfect for longboarders and beginners. Learn more about Stinky Surf Break here.