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The methamorphosis of Café des Artistes del Mar to Tuna Blanca


Captura de pantalla 2014-07-15 a la(s) 12.52.30One of our favorite spots in Punta Mita has gone through a metamorphosis: Café des Artistes del Mar has became Tuna Blanca, showcasing a refreshed concept and menu.

Chef Thierry Blouet and his team have enjoyed many successful years of popularity and fine dining, positioning this venue as among the top restaurants in the region. However, after carefully considering feedback from their regular clients’ , they have decided to make a change: in the name, the menu and the concept.

We extend a warm welcome to a new place — but with many familiar faces — TUNA BLANCA, a  brand created by Café des Artistes. In the singular style of Chef Thierry Blouet, you may now enjoy the flavors, textures, smells and colors of  Mexico in a fresh  style — with TUNA BLANCA offering organic and off-the-grill specialties, served by the ocean. It becomes a way  of life.

TUNA BLANCA has been inspired by the life experiences that –one way or another –define Chef Thierry Blouet. “Tuna Blanca is the name they give the green prickly pear cactus in Zacatecas city, the place where Rose –my wife and my passion– was born.  I feel it and work with Tuna Blanca  because of my preference for the harmony that the vibrant and colored designs of Pineda Covalín bring to my life. Tuna Blanca is also what they call the great white tuna fish which are captured near the Marietta islands by the fishermen of the region – those who make fishing a way of life and that provide us with nothing but fresh products for the beach restaurants. Tuna Blanca features the style and the essence of Café des Artistes but with a menu and atmosphere that emphasizes Mexican flavors in its best beach-chic and romantic style. We cook with the best products of the region: organic products cultivated by the hands of local producers and fish and fresh ocean products provided by my dear friends the fishermen. Café des Artistes del Mar has morphed into Tuna Blanca. It  is a change from the FRENCH with Mexican accents, to the MEXICAN with French accents…TUNA BLANCA is a big dream come true in Punta Mita!”

Captura de pantalla 2014-07-15 a la(s) 12.51.48Tuna Blanca defines itself as a casual restaurant of world class located at the beginning of the restaurant row at El Anclote. Their menu was carefully design by chef Thierry Blouet, with simple plates presented with the classic gourmet style of Café des Artistes. Principal details include the freshness, the organic and the simplicity of   grill cooking — all without leaving behind the gourmet accent  with fine taste, but with  generous portions and  reasonable prices.

When it comes to drinks, Tuna Blanca offers a privileged variety of fine liquors and exotic cocktails prepared with a base of tequila or mescal. The selection of wine has been executed in a creative way, with a selection that brings out the marvelous creations and personality that the Mexican lands gives  to a cave. that guards more than 300 bottles of wine waiting to be tasted along the companion of your favorite plate.

We are certain TUNA BLANCA will provide a unique experience, with an intriguing combination of flavors created by Chef Ramon Alvarez, disciple of Chef Thierry Blouet for more than 25 years. Chef Alvarez uses his natural and experienced talents to surprise you with a the reward of enjoying every detail and every taste — an indescribable party of flavors in which a fine glass of wine is the guest of honor.

TUNA BLANCA is definitely the new place to visit in Punta Mita and we are sure it will quickly become a favorite for both locals and visitors!

Tuna Blanca by Cafe des Artistes is open daily from 12pm to 5pm for Beach Club use & Lunch and from 5pm to 10:30pm serving Dinner.
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