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The Punta Mita Angels annual luncheon supports Healthy Families!


On Tuesday, March 4, the annual luncheon of the Punta de Mita Angels took place at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, an event which brought together this community of “angels” to support the offering of “Healthy Family” workshops  in our local community.

The Punta de Mita Angels is a charitable group organized around the idea of giving back to the community in which you live, in a way that makes as direct and strong of an impact as possible. The organizing Angels are Jane Grad, Sandy Howe, Barbara McGregor, Claire Newton, Catherine Schmidt and Sharon Siebens – who, each year, organize a luncheon and select a project or cause which is funded by the money raised at the event. The Angels underwrite all costs associated with the luncheon, meaning 100% of all gifts and donations directly support the selected project.

This year, the project is to provide workshops in the Punta de Mita community on how to have a “Healthy Family”. As of March 12, the Angels have raised over $23,000 usd.

During the luncheon, a video of the work was shown, and Maru Huesca spoke about the “Healthy Family” workshops she is conducting, leaving the room full of participants inspired about this program.  By helping to build self-esteem and confidence in local adolescents,  the Angels hope to prevent many of the problems they struggle with on a daily basis.  Some of their issues involve violence in the home, unwanted pregnancies, bullying in the schools, alcoholic parents and a number of other problems. This project will help make the lives of our young people better, by giving them skills to become more productive citizens.

There is still time to donate:  just  stop by the Punta de Mita Foundation office, at Casa Mita, where they are available to receive your donation, or offer instruction as to how tax-deductible donations may be made for U.S., Canadian or Mexican tax receipts.

Thank you Punta de Mita Angels – LivePuntaMita salutes the great work you are enabling in our community!