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Vallarta Adventure’s welcomes baby dolphin Lulu!

article-image extends the warmest of welcomes to our newest baby dolphin in the Bay, Baby Lulu, born on June 11 at the Vallarta Adventure’s Dolphin Center. Lulu is the third baby born to mother Shany. Vallarta Adventures has an active dolphin reproductive program, which is now one of the most successful in the world.

You can’t imagine how it touches your soul to see this baby dolphin swim along with its mother, learning to swim and breath.

The Dolphin Adventure program at Vallarta Adventures offers a variety of educational and interactive swimming with dolphin programs. There’s even one geared for Kid’s, ages 4-8, as well as the opportunity to be a “Trainer for a Day“!

For more information on the Dolphin Adventure program, part of Vallarta Adventures,  visit their website.