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Alejandro Mondria – “From the Unknown to the Eternal”, at Hotel CINCO


Galeria CINCO  at Hotel CINCO (formerly Hotel des Artistes) is proud to present new works by Alejandro Mondria: “From the Unknown to the Eternal a series of paintings that will be exhibited and rotated during December and January, as Alejandro is constantly bringing new work.

Some paintings draw on impressions from his last trip through the Himalayas. These include, “Under your skin”, where a face is reflected, acting as a portrait in the most sublime sense, under layers of paint full of texture. Another painting titled “Prayers” is made of a collage of worn out prayer flags from the high passes of the mountains of the Himalayas, representing the sail of a boat.

Many of his painting include written words that point towards a direction, for example: “Love is in the air” which comes from a song we all know; or, ”All is needed is to touch you”; and, “Truth, keep it simple”. Several paintings have collage photographs, taken from travels by the artist that act as a focal point simultaneously guiding and mapping the path to unravel a particular visual journey or story, maybe eternal stories of changes and surprises in a world which is not known and full of discoveries that makes us rethink our perceptions and our relationship with ideas.


“Traveling inspires my work, my nature, and of course love.

If I do not work, nothing new comes. Working is what makes things happen. Spontaneity is how I nurture my work, through the immediate but, true creativity I believe is the creation of one’s self.

The unknown are things that suddenly touch you unexpectedly, by surprise, and they remind you of the magic of life. With respect to nature, one learns from observing, and then it becomes mysterious. You realize how much we do not know, when you see how everything works so harmoniously.

I do not know what love, or freedom is, but each is a discovery, just like painting is a discovery. I write in some of my paintings and I say, “I do not know”, “I discover”, and when I start painting, I hardly know how I am going to start or what it will become, but suddenly it is there, it comes out and it becomes meaningful…at least to me.

Through this long relationship with a white canvass in front of me, it has become a part of me – this beginning where everything is new. I wrote in a painting, “always in the beginnings”.

Alejandro Mondria


Others works are available for viewing at his Artist’s Studio. Each Tuesday, Alejandro welcomes visitors at his Studio Open House. For additional details, call (cell): 322-150-7884; or, simply follow the signs from Higuera Blanca.

Alejandro will also be featuring a new exhibit at the St. Regis Resort, Altamira Lobby, with the opening show taking place on December 16, at sunset.

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