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Chocolate is a Vegetable


Chocolate is derived from cocoa beans. Beans = vegetables. Sugar is derived from either sugar cane or sugar beets. Both are plants, which places them in the vegetable category. Thus, chocolate is a vegetable. Oh, how we wish this were true!

Fortuitously the Punta de Mita Foundation started a nutrition program last season which to date has been highly successful. The Angels of Punta Mita contributed funds and the project has been lead by Cecilia Paredes the project coordinator and intellectual creator. (See post  here)

Counting both Punta de Mita communities Emiliano Zapata and Coral del Risco there are forty women of varying age groups participating in dynamic workshops given by professional nutritionists, which have focused on subjects ranging from osteoporosis to pregnancy, women´s health and didactic games. The nutritionists bring samples of healthy foods and recipes for the women and their children and to date 50 food baskets, 100 recipe books and 50 magnets with informative healthy habits have been provided to families in the area. Healthy school breakfasts have been provided to the children of these two communities who also enjoy the wholesome foods brought by the nutritionists and word on the street is that they love going and are always looking forward to these workshops.

There is now even a fun weight loss competition going on in Punta de Mita as since the beginning of May an aerobics instructor comes from Puerto Vallarta to teach the ladies every Tuesday at 5 pm in the Kindergarten in Corral del Risco.

471 students form the four schools in Punta de Mita where evaluated last month by thirty Centro Universitario de la Costa / University of Guadalajara students to diagnose their nutritional and growth level, once the numbers are in we will let you know!

Workshops take place every Wednesday at 3 pm in Emiliano Zapata´s Kindergarten and at 5 pm In Corral del Risco´s Kindergarten until the end of June.


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