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Corral del Risco Kindergarten Graduation


The past July 8th, Corral del Risco Kindergarten 2011 celebrated their graduation. It was a beautiful event, all the children were very elegant, girls with their long dresses and the boys dressed all in white.

17 children graduated this year, many with the ability to write their first name, identify the letters in the alphabet and their sounds, recognize numbers and many of their basic applications. They were introduced to a variety of different books that took them to many wonderful places.  But more significantly than anything, they learned manners, respect for others and the world around them.

These children are moving forward and after the summer they will start Primary school, leaving behind the adventures they lived during these past two years, but keeping these wonderful memories for the rest of their lives. congratulates the new graduates and their teachers for the fabulous work they do.  Many thanks are also due to the Punta de Mita Foundation, PEACE, the local community, and the many volunteers and families who gave so generously of their time and their financial support. With everyone working together these children have gained a positive experience that will mark their future forever. The future of Punta de Mita is here in the hands of these beautiful and hard working children.

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