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COVID TEST: with the help of Punta Mita Hospital we answer all your questions


What tests are available? Which one should I take? What’s the difference between them? How fast can I get the results?… these are some of the many questions we all have regarding the Covid-19 tests, and today, with the help of Punta Mita Hospital we have very interesting and useful information that we are sure will answer your questions.

For months now we have read and listened about the evolution of this disease, doctors have found new symptoms related to it, and while labs are working tirelessly on the productions and trial process of vaccines, the reality is that we have reached that stage where asymptomatic patients are so many, making impossible to detect the virus presence with the traditional “symptoms“ method that has been used. And here it is where testing becomes essential to prevent the contagions… and this is a whole new topic.

With the intention of providing truthful and useful information about this topic, the Punta Mita Hospital is sharing with us the details, including effectiveness, for the two tests that are available at this local facility.

IgG / IgM Antibody (better known as “rapid test”)

An IgG / IgM Antibody test helps to quickly verify a suspected patient (results in 20 min) and is recommended for asymptomatic patients since it is a cheaper option and even provides information indicating whether the patient contracted the virus in past months and is not presently active.  This test is 96% effective in patients with 7 days of suspected infection.

PCR (Polymerase chain reaction)

The PCR test is effective at any stage of the disease. Results take 5-7 days and its reliability is slightly higher than the rapid test. PCR tests can take small samples of DNA and amplify them so that they can be analyzed, and then detect antigens to effectively identifying infected individuals.


Punta Mita Hospital also has a 64-slice CT-Scan that helps confirm the virus in patients. CT-Scans are 100% effective in detecting pneumonia but, with the absence of information on whether the existing pneumonia is caused by COVID or not, that is why it is recommended that it be accompanied by a rapid test and in case of suspicions found in the tomography be further confirmed with a PCR test.

The Punta Mita Hospital is working on reducing the time on receiving the results for the PCR tests made on site, soon a 24 hours option will be available.

Punta Mita Hospital, highly recommends contacting your doctor in case of having symptoms or suspected contagion. If you are in the Punta Mita area, their highly trained team will be able to help determine which test is recommended in each case.

Also, the Punta Mita Hospital has created this online questionnaire to help you and your loved ones detect any symptoms or indicators of this disease at this time so that they can receive adequate and pertinent attention:

And if you are a homeowner, house manager, or business owner in the area worried about keeping your staff and clients safe, the Punta Mita Hospital has testing packages available.

For more information about COVID tests and medical programs please contact:

Punta Mita Hospital
Tel 329 688 0059
ER  329 688 0068

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