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Destination PEACE: Vacation for the Soul


By choosing Destination PEACE you will embark on a personal journey for your self. Each five-day vacation combines volunteerism with the relaxing practice of yoga, taught by credentialed yoga instructors, spoils you with authentic Mexican cuisine, and enables you to explore the region. There is a beautiful balance between the volunteer opportunities and the time to reflect and relax here in Mexico. We want you to enjoy yourself so much that you come back year after year.

Each Volunteer Vacation is unique in that they offer active and cultural activities. Depending on the season here are some of the activities you may enjoy:  whale watching, hiking, salsa dance class, cooking class, art class, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, helping to guide baby turtles into the sea and much more.

Do you want to start planning your vacations already? Then visit Destination Peace website.

You can also find them on Facebook or Twitter.

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