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Discover the Marieta Islands with Punta Mita Adventures!


A visit to Punta Mita is not complete until you visit Marietas Islands. This glorious work of nature is located just outside the shore of Punta Mita and is comprised of a group of small uninhabited islands that were originally formed thousands of years ago by volcanic activity. In the  early 1900’s Mexico used these islands to conduct military testing, because no one lived there. However, after a massive international outcry, started by scientist Jacques Cousteau in the late 1960s, the government eventually decided to make the islands a national park and therefore protect it against any fishing, hunting or human activity.

This archipelago is one of the most important natural preserves in Mexico, also known as the “Mexican Galapagos“. In 2008 UNESCO included it as one of their Biosphere Reserves, confirming this as a “must visit” place for those who love and enjoy nature.

When visiting the islands you’ll easily see why Jacques Cousteau fell in love with them and started the movement to protect them.  As the premier scuba diving and snorkeling location in the bay, you’ll have the opportunity to swim with more than 100 species of fish as well possible encounters with octopus, lobsters, rays, turtles and more – with colorful coral formations as your backdrop. The Marieta Islands are also an important migratory bird sanctuary — they act as a refuge for at least 92 species of aquatic birds, including the colorful Blue-footed Booby – which also nest in the famous Galapagos Islands.

You could keep going on and on about the wonders of this paradise, but nothing will compare to the experience of visiting and seeing everything for yourself. And for an amazing adventure from beginning to end we recommend booking your trip with Punta Mita Adventuresthe premier tour company in Riviera Nayarit. They’ll make sure you have a wonderful experience.

Your adventure will begin with a brief boat ride to the islands, during which you’ll keeping an eye out for dolphins, turtles, and manta rays along the way. Once you reach the islands, you will enjoy the wildlife above and under the clear waters.  Swim, snorkel, and paddleboard and capture the fun with GoPro® waterproof cameras. Th­is 3-hour snorkeling tour is fun for all ages and the smaller groups allows Punta Mita Adventures to cater the tour to the group’s desires.

Tour includes: guide, paddle board, snorkeling equipment, Seedoo, bottled water and snacks.

Book your Island Adventure now !

  • Toll free number if calling from the USA or Canada: 1-888-526-2238
  • Toll free number if calling from within Mexico: 01-800-0000-823 (VAD)
  • Local number: 226-8410

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