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Erick and Alonso… gone too soon


Community mourns the loss of Erick López and Alonso Andrade, celebrates their lives

Losing someone is always difficult, even more so when it is the loss of someone so young. Sadly, this month saw the loss of two of the community’s stand out figures, Erick López and Alonso “Nano” Andrade — both, former graduates of the AVANZA program by PEACE Punta de Mita.

Erick, the son of Lourdes “Lulu” Orozco, who is in charge of maintenance at PEACE’s Casa Campesina, overcame many challenges during his time studying at PEACE. His amazing smile and personality became a fixture among the community, and he was viewed as a part of the PEACE family. His special bond with Katherine Nidermaier brought out the best in them both, and this best became an inspiration to everyone.

Nano also left an impressionable mark on the PEACE family and the greater community. His relentless passion and drive for surfing was an inspiration, especially when he went to Portugal and Japan to represent his country in the Surfing Championships.

The local community came together in a heart-warming goodbye ceremony for the boys. The surfers from the MICTLAN surf shop organized a farewell on the beach, before paddling out into the ocean, creating the traditional circle of surfers in honor of their fallen brothers, and throwing the ashes into the ocean. Boats filled with community members joined the surfers and paddle-boarders in this farewell celebration of their lives.

We join PEACE and our community in remembering these boys — gone far too soon, but forever in our hearts.

Photos by PEACE and Luis Avila.

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