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Fernando Sandoval Pop-Up Exhibit at Casa Mita!


Renowned Mexican artist Fernando Sandoval returns to Punta Mita for a Pop-Up Exhibit at Casa Mita, showcasing his exclusive Punta Mita inspiration.

Original and autographed piezography (black & white reproduction printed on cotton paper) will be available for sale throughout the month of May, featuring pieces originally produced for Punta Mita — inspired by the singular vistas of this destination.

This is the first time Sandoval has created pieces inspired by golf, and he has selected holes 5 and 9 at Bahia and — of course — the one-of-a-kind Tail of the Whale, hole 3B of the Pacifico course.

This Pop-Up Exhibit will take place at Casa Mita, running through the entire month of May, open to the public from 9am to 6pm.

About the artist:
Self-taught musician, painter, sculptor and plastic artist by vocation. Fernando Sandoval’s art career formally began in 1996 and now holds more than 40 group exhibitions and around 20 solo shows in places that go from Guadalajara to Mexico City, and also the United States, Spain, Australia, and Argentina.

Sandoval expresses feelings in his images. His enigmatic pieces are representations of past events or of situations that are about to happen, but we don’t see them; he removes the obvious to leave us with the doubt or curiosity to discover and feel for ourselves the action that the picture evokes. Hence, the main subject or subjects are not always represented in the piece, but always present.

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