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Go Green for the New Year!


PEACE has community Recycling and Compost Centers for plastic, cardboard, glass and organic waste. Please join them in 2011 to protect our small precious part of the planet. The PEACE recycling center is located near the first Punta Mita Resort entrance right after the second set of speed bumps. You can’t miss the “Secundaria” school on the left hand side with it´s colorful walls made of recycled tires and huge recycling bags awaiting your recyclables! You can also drop off your organic materials at PEACE´s Casa Campesina, thus helping generate nutrient rich soil that will be used in our local community garden.  Hours are Monday through Friday between 10 AM and 6 PM. Or, you can leave your organic waste in the compost pile located in the small garden in front of the Casa Campesina, by a sign that says “Basura Organica y Composta”. Taking just a bit of time recycling will save years in environmental harm from production of new materials, over crowded landfills and the depletion of our natural resources. Make a difference in Punta de Mita! If you have any questions stop by the PEACE office at Casa Campesina on the plaza in Emiliano Zapata or contact: Nikhol at 322.150.7620 or via e-mail

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