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Gratitude for our ‘Angels’!


They did it again!

Once more, the strong attendance and financial support for the ‘Angels’ of Punta Mita allowed this community action group to complete their goal of improving conditions in the neighboring villages of Punta de Mita and Higuera Blanca.

This year, the Angels focused on the Health Clinic located in Emiliano Zapata. The building and interior were sadly neglected and the Clinic could not adequately provide the health care services that out community needed. With tremendous help from J.P. Stone and other volunteers, air-conditioning and fans, windows and doors, sinks and toilets, and other basic elements were all fixed and are now in good working order. As well, the clinic was cleaned and painted, new shelving was provided, and diagnostic equipment was purchased and set-up. Drinking water made available and many other details were added.

The donations to the Angels also contributed to building a much-needed classroom in a local kinder of Emiliano Zapata, as well as contributed to the salary for an additional teacher in Corral del Risco.

The Angels would like to express their gratitude for all of the donations, together with the encouragement and support they received.

To date, they have raised over $35,000.00. The Angels will continue to look for and support projects that will help the women and children of Punta de Mita and Higuera Blanca.

And we – the community of Punta de Mita, would like to express our gratitude to our community Angels: Claire Newton, Jane Grad, Sandy Howe and Beth Fuller… thank you for all that you do!!

About the ‘Angels’:

The Angels Group originated 7 years ago when six women, Jane Grad, Sandy Howe, Barbara McGregor, Claire Newton, Catherine Schmidt and Sharon Seibens, shared a strong belief that it was important to give back to their community. As they discussed the challenges of what they felt was most needed in this community, they decided to focus their efforts on the local women and children. Their agreed approach was to sponsor an annual luncheon, give all the women in our community of visitors a chance to help accomplish a common goal while enjoying the companionship of one another at a beautiful relaxed luncheon together.

The Angels meet annually with the local women of the community to listen and seek out what is most needed and how those needs can be addressed by this program. The Angels Group have been involved in sponsoring several programs to council women and children in the community, hiring nutritionists to teach the mothers and teachers a better, healthier way to eat, providing English lessons in the community, and restoring the local clinic to make it a cleaner, brighter place to visit as well as providing diagnostic equipment for better examinations for patients. These are just some of the things they have been involved in making a positive difference.

None of this could have happened without the amazing support of the vacationing and resident women that support them. Many of the luncheon attendees donate much more than just the price of a ticket, and the Angels strive for 100% of the donations going totally to all of their projects, as they personally cover all of the luncheon costs.

If you would like to know more about supporting the work of the Angels, please request details from Claire Newton at

Save the Date: The next Angels’ Luncheon will take place February 7, 2018.

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