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HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta, a comprehensive solution for all of your healthcare needs


HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta is a multi-faceted, independent, resource network that is here for your TOTAL health and well-being.

This wonderful team offers english-speaking assistance to help you find a physician, hospital and/or diagnostic service for any healthcare needs during your stay in the area.  Whether it be an emergency, a personal physician, a specialist or a diagnostic study, they are able to match, and schedule you, with the proper physician or facility. For those who visit the area regularly or have decided to make of this paradise their full or part time residence, it is very important to establish yourself with a personal physician. Or if you are coming for vacation and have specific medical needs, it is much better to contact them prior to your arrival in case an emergency arises during your stay here.

All their physicians meet high standards, are board certified, professional, compassionate and highly respected. They attend conferences around the world to keep up with their various specialties. And HealthCare Resources network includes physicians of all specialties, plus they work with several private hospitals in the area.

HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta offers regular Speakers Programs and Events for a wide variety of topics, providing the community with access to personal support groups and the most up-to-date health information. Their Speaker’s Programs are very popular! And there is never a charge for these events.

As well, they provide monthly screening clinics at discounted prices, including:

  • Mammogram Clinic
  • Men’s Urology Clinic
  • Ear Clinic
  • Skin Clinic
  • Women’s Clinic
  • Eye Clinic
  • Vascular Clinic
  • Eye Clinic
  • among many others.

They also offer economically priced packages for colonoscopy’s, endoscopy’s, complete physicals, MRI’s and other diagnostic studies.

And in case you have a medical incident and need help with the paperwork with your foreign insurance, they prepare, translate and submit claims to your insurance company from Mexico, process that some times can be quite and ordeal.

Whether you need immediate medial assistance due to an unfortunate incident, or if you just need to get preventive or control check ups  while spending some time in the area, let HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta take care of you, they’ll make sure you get the best attention.

For more information about Health Care Resources Puerto Vallarta visit; dial 322-107-7007 or contact Pamela Thompson

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