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It’s time to plan your next adventure… book your favorite Punta Mita Adventure today!


Punta Mita Adventures offers an amazing array of fun-filled, adventure-based, and culturally-rich tours and excursions — with great options for explorers of all ages! Why not try a ride on a zip-line, swimming with dolphins, whale watching, or scuba diving? There’s even an award-winning dinner show to keep the adventure going after dark…

Book now and experience your ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!



captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-28-a-las-3-55-37-p-mWhale Watching

Witness the awe-inspiring enormity and grace of 40-50-ft (12-16m) humpback whales up-close, in their natural environment. Encounter these creatures every winter between December to March during their winter migration.
Humpbacks, renowned for their agility, gather in groups and engage in breaching, spy-hopping, lob-tailing and tail-slapping. Acrobatics play out during courtship as well. The humpback whales migrate in spring to their summer feeding grounds and, in the winter, these same humpbacks return to Banderas Bay for mating and calving.
Board our comfortable, inflatable speed boats (safe for both passengers and whales), to observe and appreciate this highly migratory species. Hear the whales singing and communicating with one another using our state of the art hydrophones while our marine mammal experts explain everything you ever wanted to know about these amazing animals! We are the only company that uses a light aircraft spotter to track the whales, so you are guaranteed the best opportunity to see the humpbacks at play. See more…

captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-28-a-las-3-56-12-p-mPrivate Dolphin Swim

Design your own unique program for your family or friends in our exclusive Private Dolphin Swim! Your marine mammal specialist wiII meet with you before the program and, together, you can create an experience that fits your group perfectly. Get closer than you ever imagined with these majestic mammals. Choose to have a dolphin belly ride, watch a spectacular acrobatic performance, or conduct while your dolphin sings – it’s your day to create unforgettable experiences!.  Learn more…

captura-de-pantalla-2017-01-02-a-las-7-20-55-p-mSayulita Escape

Be ready to get dusty as you blaze a trail up and down steep off-road hills and valleys on your very own Polaris RZR UTV! This exclusive tour gives you a blend of thrills and relaxation as you challenge your off-road driving skills and then cruise down to Sayulita – the world-famous beach town known for its local arts and hip, surfer vibe. Relax and stay a while in Sayulita as you sample the food, culture, and sandy beaches. Walk the funky-cool streets and shop at the unique stores of this Pueblo MagicoDiscover more…

captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-28-a-las-3-56-23-p-mExtreme Adventure

Some say less is more – we disagree!!! More is more when it comes to adventure, and our Extreme Adventure offers the most activities packed into one fun-filled day of excitement! With 9 thrilling, double-safety wire zip lines, you can ride upside down, right-side up, and fly up to 70 miles per hour on Mexico’s longest and fastest “Superman” zip line.
Hop into some of the coolest vehicles around, Polaris® RZR UTVs, and test your off-road driving skills as you explore the jungle floor on our specially-designed off-road course. Sit side-by-side having a blast as you drop down steep grades, cross rocky river beds and climb up hills.
Finish your course as you rocket down our hillside waterslide! You’ll twist and turn as you slide down this intense waterslide before an invigorating splashdown at the bottom!
The Extreme Adventure will test your endurance as you hike steep mountains, climb a 50-foot mesh rope, sidestep on a high-wire, rappel from tree-top platforms and swing on our gigantic new, “Pendulum” attraction.

All of the activities are completely optional so you can BE AS EXTREME AS YOU WANT TO BE – making this the perfect adventure with family fun for everyone! Explore more…

captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-28-a-las-3-56-01-p-mOcean Adventure

Get ready for an exciting journey over land and sea on this action-packed adventure! Begin with a speedboat ride across the bay. Revel in the most picturesque coastal scenery in the Bay and take a plunge into the crystal clear waters near Los Arcos – perfect for a snorkeling alongside colorful tropical fish and marine life. Next, saddle up for a horseback ride through the charming fishing town of Yelapa. Ride alongside the riverbank, crossing the river and exploring the winding paths that take you on a scenic tour of this beautiful village. Top off your adventure with a beachside lunch buffet at our secluded beach hideaway, Las Caletas, as you bask in the idyllic beauty of these tropical retreats. Call an Adventure Advisor today to learn more about this new tour!

Don’t miss a day of fun: Call us today to book your favorite adventure:
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